Complete Guide to Swingvy Expense Claims Management Software

Katie Ash

Jan 31, 2023

Swingvy’s expense claims management platform is for any businesses who are looking for a simple and secure cloud-based platform to process employee expense claims.

The benefits of using a cloud-platform and moving away from paper based submissions is that employees and approvers can access the platform from anywhere––especially important as business shift to remote and flexible working environments.

Digitising expense claims also makes reimbursing claims fast, accurate, and traceable, with long-term records of receipts and claims submission and payments.

Key features of Swingvy Claims

Customisable Claim Policies

Enjoy easy setup of different expense claim types and policies specific to your business. Choose a monthly claim cut-off date, claim limits per expense type, and customise based on office or employee groups.

Multi-Currency Claims Support

Key in the expense payment currency and Swingvy will do the math for you. Swingvy can calculate expense conversions in 75 currencies, so claims are covered no matter where your team go!

Consolidated Claims Reports

Employees create expense reports for customisable time periods, and add expenses to these reports as they happen. Consolidated expenses can then be submitted in bulk for approval and payment.

Employee Self-Service

Employees can view and manage expenses and reimbursements through their secure dashboard login or free Swingvy mobile app.

Multi-Level Approval Workflow

Create a multi-level approval workflow to suit your business policy. Approvers get notified via email or push notifications from the Swingvy mobile app of expense submissions and approve from either channels.

Free Mobile App for Submission

Using Swingvy’s free HR mobile app, employees can directly take a photo of a receipt within the app, or seamlessly upload documents from their photo library to add to an expense report.

Direct Integration with Swingvy Payroll

Simplify payday with an integrated expense claims and payroll system. Approved expense claims can be pushed directly into Monthly, Mid-month or Ad hoc payrolls so all payments can be made at the same time.

Swingvy's Expense Claim Process

Employees can securely log into their personal dashboard in the Swingvy HRMS, or use the Swingvy mobile app. Under the claims module, employees can create an expense report, and add claims by uploading expense receipts, selecting the claim type, transaction date, amount and payment method. Once saved, the report with claims can be submitted to their pre-set approver, simplifying the claims process and user experience.

Once an expense report is submitted, the approver will receive a push notification to their mobile, and an email notification where they can view, approve, or decline the expenses.

Once an expense claim is approved, this can easily be pulled into payroll to be paid with the next pay run.

“As a manager we can approve the claims and leave of the employees anywhere anytime by using the mobile app. I think it’s very convenient and handy."
Low Boon Weng, Palsgaard

Using Swingvy as a platform to manage expense claims has the added benefit of giving you access to a full-suite HRMS and payroll platform, where all HR modules are connected.

Want more information on how Swingvy Claims could work for your business? Get in touch:

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