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Complete Guide to Swingvy Payroll Software

Katie Ash

Jul 27, 2022

Swingvy Payroll is built for SMEs looking for payroll software that simplifies payment processing and makes payday simple. 

By integrating payroll directly into Swingvy’s cloud-based HRMS, and syncing employee data between modules, businesses have secure, remote access to all of their people data in one place, and to run payroll whenever they need.

It takes on average just 10 minutes to run payroll and generate digital payslips for all employees with Swingvy Payroll, saving business administrators time to focus on other areas of their business.

Learn more about the features of Swingvy’s payroll software:

🟣 Payroll Settings

System administrators have the ability to define payroll settings in groups for the company, with unlimited workgroups that can hold multiple or individual employees. Pay types can be set as hourly, daily, weekly or monthly pay rates, overtime rates can be created, pay days defined, and payroll standard additions and deductions can be added.

🟣 Detailed Payroll Calculations

Expand employee lines to get a detailed overview of all payroll calculations in the first step of running payroll. Automated payroll calculations ensure greater accuracy, giving you peace of mind.

🟣 Bulk Payroll Updates

Each payroll line under individual employees are editable in the first step of payroll. Bulk changes to payroll items and deductions for multiple employees are also available.

🟣 Multiple Pay Runs

Swingvy’s multiple pay runs feature provides customers with the flexibility to choose how and when they process payments for their team. They can use Swingvy Payroll to run a diverse combination of payroll scenarios—including one Monthly payroll, one Mid-month payroll, and unlimited Ad hoc pay runs if they want to split their payroll processing into multiple periods. ‍

Ad hoc pay runs makes it easy to process payroll for employees leaving the company mid-month to remain compliant with local legislation requiring an employee to be paid within seven days of leaving the company.

🟣 In-built CPF Calculator

Swingvy automates calculations of tax and CPF contributions along with other statutory contributions to ensure accuracy. We keep up to date with local statutory requirements, saving customers time and the stress of remaining compliant. Any adjustments to CPF contributions are updated within the Swingvy platform and automatically used when customers run payroll.

🟣 Proration of Salary and Payroll Items

Calculating pay for team members that join or leave mid-payment-cycle is done automatically based on join/leave date. This can be applied to any additional payroll items added too.

🟣 Digital Payslips

Swingvy auto-generates itemised e-payslips for every employee after a payroll is run, which are triggered to send via email link and mobile push notifications. Mobile payslips are accessed by workers through the free Swingvy mobile app.

🟣 Automated Tax & IRA8 Filing

We keep up to date with current tax laws so you don’t have to. Swingvy calculates individuals tax contributions and generates end-of-year forms for online submission, making IRA8 filing simple.

🟣 Bank File Creation

Swingvy Payroll supports automatic bank file creation for all Singapore major banks. Simply download the bank file from Swingvy once payroll is complete to simplify payment processing.


🟣 Pre-Built Reports

Standard pre-built reports are automatically generated and available for download, including payroll, variance, bank and GIRO files. These reports can also be customised to suit your specific needs.


🟣 Integrations

Swingvy Payroll has direct integrations with Swingvy Claims and Swingvy Time. The Claims integration allows administrators to push approved expense reports directly into the payroll system for reimbursement in the next pay run. With the Time integration, approved overtime hours tracked with Swingvy Time can be pushed to the payroll module, and will appear as a payroll item line for that employee in the next pay run. Swingvy Time auto-calculates overtime hours to an individual employees’ pay rate, saving employers time in understanding local requirements, and from manual calculations.

Swingvy is also integrated with third party software, such as Xero and StaffAny. The Xero integration streamlines the payroll to accounting process for accurate financial reporting, and the StaffAny integration pulls shift-worker hours into the Payroll system for accurate payment calculations during payroll processing.



How does Swingvy Payroll help with compliance?

Swingvy payroll software automates calculations of tax and CPF contribution along with other statutory contributions to ensure accuracy. Swingvy payroll is integrated with all major Singapore banks and IRAS, and compliant with MOM. By seamlessly connecting all HR information — employee data, payroll, expense claims, time tracking, leave — Swingvy enables SMEs to improve their people management, payroll processing, and remain compliant with local statutory regulations. 

How long does it take to run payroll with Swingvy?

It takes on average just 10 minutes to run payroll with Swingvy’s compliant payroll software. With a detailed payroll overview in the first step of payroll processing, you can edit and update payroll calculations on the spot by expanding individual employee payroll lines to edit pay details directly.

What access do employees have to payroll information?

Employees have secure access to view and edit their payment information within the Swingvy platform. E-Payslips are autogenerated and can be viewed and downloaded within the Swingvy payroll section of the platform. Payday notifications are also sent via email to employees to connect them to their payslips. 

What is the price of Swingvy Payroll?

Swingvy Payroll is an add-on for S$5.00 per employee per month to our Premium plan (S$5.00 pe/pm). If payment is made annually, you’ll enjoy a 15% discount. For detailed pricing information and a pricing calculator for your business needs, visit our pricing page. Swingvy Payroll plan includes free onboarding training and access to ongoing customer support.


If you’d like to try the Swingvy HR & payroll platform for yourself and see how it can streamline your business operations, request a demo.

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