Complete Guide to HR Hub of Swingvy HR software

Katie Ash

Dec 16, 2021

Swingvy’s full-suite HR software platform was built for SMEs looking for HR software that would streamline their HR operations.

The platform makes it easy to access all HR information in one place, connecting employee data across a suite of HR products including the payroll system, employee benefits, leave and expense claims software and more.

The Swingvy HR Hub allows access to a shared company news feed, company calendar, employee directory and org chart, employee goals, and access to an individual employees personal HR information.

Learn more about the features of Swingvy’s HR Hub:

🔹Swingvy HR Hub Dashboard

Every user of Swingvy has secure access via a personal login to the company dashboard. This provides a quick overview of upcoming company events, or announcements, a view of the shared company calendar, showing who is away on leave, and company information at a glance. 

The dashboard also provides employees with information about their office, and other offices within the business. The physical location or postal address of the office can be shown, along with the number of employees at each location. 

🔹News Feed

The news feed allows the business to keep everyone up to date with company announcements, events, and news. Permissions are set by administrators to decide who in the company can post news. A rich text editor allows media to be shared with news including images and videos.

🔹Employee Directory

The employee directory shares the contact information of all employees across the business, along with their office location, department, and role. The directory can be filtered by job titles, departments, offices, or employee status, which shows new employees currently onboarding, or any employee serving notice period to leave the company, as well as employees who are away on leave.

🔹Organisation Chart

The organisation chart in the HR Hub allows employees to deep-dive into the organisational structure, and have a better understanding of reporting lines and department groups in a visual way. Subtrees of the organisation chart can be expanded or collapsed for easy navigation and viewing. Employees, departments, or specific job titles can be searched for within the chart, and the chart can be exported as a PDF or PNG at any time.

🔹Company Calendar

The shared company calendar keeps everyone in the loop, displaying employee leave and company events to everyone in the business. Employees have the option to filter the leave types they’d like to see, as well as view leave for the full company, their department, or just their own leave. Employee start dates and birthdays can be added to the calendar, to ensure celebrations are not missed!

The calendar is integrated with iCal, Outlook and Google Calendar, so can easily be pulled through into your current workflow. Setup is simple – Swingvy generates an URL for you to paste into your preferred calendar.

🔹Talent/Goal Setting

Goals help empower employees to control their performance and development with clear, measurable objectives. Swingvy’s Talent tool allows employees or administrators to set company, department, or individual goals. Company or department goals should be set before an individuals goals, so that their goals can be aligned with it.

Start and end dates for each goal can be defined, along with a weighting of importance. 

Goal progress can be updated with a percentage ranking, with comments to be added at each change. An activity feed shows the goal updates over time, and how much progress has been made.

🔹Employee Profile

The employee profile page is where they can view their basic information set by administrators, such as personal identification and contact information, work settings, work groups, and schedule. Salary and banking information is also housed here.

Employees can edit certain types of personal information, fill in a bio and family details, and add an emergency contact. Qualifications or certificates can be uploaded against the employee’s records.


A number of pre-set reports exist within the Swingvy platform to cater to all modules. Within the HR Hub, an employee profile report can be generated, consisting of employees' information such as the emergency contact person, certifications, job skills and more.

Administrators can also create custom reports as needed.


Swingvy’s HR Hub and HR software makes it easy to automate the on and offboarding process of employees, by connecting employee data across all HR modules. If you’d like to try the Swingvy HR platform for yourself and see how it can streamline your HR operations, request a demo.

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