HR in the News | May 2022

Katie Ash

May 12, 2022

Here's a round-up of the top HR new stories, updates and insights from the past month in Singapore.

🔸 Career conversion programme to reskill HR professionals to launch in June

A career conversion programme for human resources (HR) professionals will launch this June, imparting them emerging skills including HR analytics, strategic workforce planning and knowledge in HR technology.


🔸 Singapore strives to improve skills training for workforce

To stay competitive, the country’s employer’s bodies have been urged to effectively communicate their skills training needs to training institutions.

SkillsFuture Singapore has plans to partner with trade associations and chambers and professional bodies to identify skills that are in demand and to develop skills-based career pathways.


🔸 Burnout, poor work-life balance, low productivity: The vicious cycle hitting Malaysia & Singapore employees

Since the onset of COVID-19, employees in Singapore and Malaysia are placing their careers lower on their priority list — with 49% and 50% of those surveyed recently, respectively, saying so.

In particular, while employees now see improving awareness around workplace culture and employee experience, many could still be questioning the role that work plays in their lives, new research by Employment Hero has found. Employees could either be looking to move industries, seek a remote role, or try a different working model, it was noted.


🔸 Fewer workers in Singapore prefer working from home than before

The proportion of workers in Singapore who prefer to work from home on most days has fallen sharply, but attitudes of those in this group are hardening, with four out of 10 saying that they would consider quitting their jobs should they be forced to return to the workplace.

Last July and August, 34% of workers said that they felt that working from home on most days was the new normal, but this fell further in April 2022.


🔸 Six in 10 in Singapore prepared to request pay rise amid labour crunch, inflation: Survey

Workers in Singapore have high expectations of being given a pay rise and are ready to push their employers to get it, as costs of living increase amid a sharp labour crunch.

Human resources services company ADP said its annual People At Work report found six in 10 workers in Singapore are prepared to request a raise.


🔸 How Singapore's initiatives to address manpower shortages are playing out

The Singapore Government recognises that some segments of the economy may find it challenging to fill job vacancies amidst the tight labour market, in large part due to the impact of COVID-19.

Over the past two years, Singapore's non-resident workforce declined sharply as businesses were battered by the pandemic. The Government has now taken steps to resume the inflow of foreign workers to ease the manpower crunch, such is in the progressive easing of border restrictions from late last year.


🔸 Addressing employee needs critical for sustained organisational growth

The pandemic has exacerbated many organisations’ focus on performance, with a disconnected workforce subjected to more frequent check-ins and monitoring. When this happens, people are more likely to leave than they are to perform.

The key to retaining talent, however, is perhaps more simplistic than many may think.


🔸 Singapore to set up guidelines for flexible work arrangements

Flexible work arrangements are the way forward, especially as they help more women and mature workers participate in the labour force.


🔸 Podcast: State of HR digitisation in Singapore

State of HR digitisation in Singapore (featuring Mr Juancho Jerusalem, vice-president & head of APJ expansion, Darwinbox).


🔸 5 digital platforms to build and boost your employer brand

In today’s fiercely competitive talent landscape, an organisation’s reputation as an employer is more important than ever. Having a good employer branding is one of the most effective ways to attract talent. That is why you should always reassess your employer branding strategy from time to time, so that you can consistently attract the best candidates during recruitment.


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