Getting Started with Swingvy Time – Time and Attendance Tracking

Katie Ash

Feb 18, 2021

Swingvy’s latest product, Time LITE, simplifies team management with digital time and attendance tracking. Swingvy Time LITE allows you to keep track of attendance, work hours, and overtime of your staff, for easier remote management, scheduling, and financial forecasting.

With teams now working between split office shifts and many working remotely, keeping track of employees schedules has become a lot harder. Manual timesheets are prone to error and are time consuming for employees to complete and managers to keep track of. Digitising time and attendance can save a lot of administrative work.

What is time and attendance software?

Time and attendance software is utilised by many companies, including those with shift workers, workers paid hourly wages, and even salaried employees who may or may not work in the same office place. It allows administrators to keep track of attendance, manage overtime and employee morale, and keep ahead of upcoming financial outgoings.

For employees, it allows for the management of their own time, to ensure they are not working many more hours than they are paid for, or are being fairly compensated with overtime pay. It ensures transparency for both parties.

How does Swingvy Time LITE work?

⚙️ Customisable Work Hours Set-up

Administrators can customise work hours and overtime settings by department or employee to fit the team’s needs. Setting work hours also ensures correct proration calculations with payroll, and will enable time tracking to be activated.

Admins can create as many work schedules as needed with group permission settings. Swingvy caters to multiple team, department, or individual time schedules and workplace locations. Work hours can be selected as flexible, which allows employees to start and finish their workday when they want, or fixed, with consistent hours and days worked each week. Even with fixed settings, each days work hours and time can be customised.

📍 Geo-fence Boundaries for Clock-in/out

Geo-fence locations can be set for workplaces by each group. If activated, employees should clock in and clock out within the radius boundaries selected. There is added flexibility to choose a clock in location for any group or individual employee that is away from the main company workplace address.

📱 Mobile App Clock-in/out

Clock in and out for employees is done simply on the mobile app dashboard. They simply open the Swingvy app, and tap clock in on the home screen. This records the timestamp and starts a time tracking work hours over the day. Employees can clock in and out multiple times within the workday to account for breaks, or admins can set mandatory break times which will automatically be deducted from work hours after final clock out. Timesheets can be viewed by employees in the app, and amendments to time logs requested.

✔️ Timesheet Amendments And Approvals

Employees can request to amend clock in or clock out times within the app. An approver is set by admin, who will receive a notification of the request and be able to approve on the spot. Any amendments will be recorded in an employee time sheet, with reason for request and the approval status. The same applies to employees requesting overtime if the company utilises this.

⏱️ Time Tracking Reports

Real-time reports are available on demand to see team work hours, overtime information, and check attendance records. Time-log reports contain timesheets for selected employees, while request reports let admins view all timesheet changes and overtime requests of employees. Insights into overtime request can help a company to balance company expenditure, team planning, and aid employee morale.

Swingvy Time LITE Launch Promotion

Enjoy full access to Swingvy Time LITE for just $2/employee/month. Offer is valid for sign-ups between 18 Feb – 30 Apr 2021.

Request a demo of the Swingvy platform to see how it works and get access to Swingvy Time LITE for your company.

Swingvy Time Launch Promotion. $2 per employee.

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