Swingvy HR Mobile App helps SMEs tackle the engagement gap in remote workforces

Katie Ash

Oct 19, 2020
Swingvy HR software’s new mobile app increases productivity and ensures connection of teams as the world of work evolves.The new HR mobile app includes an HR Hub, leave management and expense claims, and payslip within the Swingvy HR Software (People Operations Platform.)

Since March, the COVID-19 pandemic has challenged every aspect of the workforce, forcing many employers to change and adopt remote work. Under these circumstances, telecommuting, employee engagement and workforce communication are naturally more challenging for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Deloitte predicts that up to 47.8 million people across the ASEAN-6 nations will transition to remote work over the next few years. Of those nations, Singapore (45%) and Malaysia (26%) have the largest potential remote workforce due to their dominant service industries.

In support of evolving SMEs and their need to manage remote workforces better — Swingvy HR Software expands its HR tools with a mobile app to streamline operational processes and improve workflows of people management, while driving employee engagement in an organisation.

Swingvy HR Software: The Interface

The app interface enhances the user experience, improving workflows of people management and employee engagement. With quick links and swipe gestures, access to information is intuitive and simple.

As technology continues to evolve, it’s crucial to provide employees with an easy-to-use HR software.
Jin Choeh, CEO of Swingvy

🔸Swingvy HR Software: The Features


Swingvy’s HR hub has everything you need for effective people management. With a shared company calendar, company news stream, and employee directory, your team has access to all essential information at their fingertips. The mobile app gives every team member an inbox to view updates on the status of leave and claims submissions.

Self-selectable push notifications can be enabled to ensure everyone is notified of important updates in an instant.


In one tap from the home screen, all leave type balances can be viewed and managed, along with leave request and approval history. Applications for new leave can be made within the app, triggering notifications to the leave approvers to streamline the application process and timeline. Employees will be notified via push notifications as well as in their in-app inbox about the status update of any applications.


Expense claims submission and management has been added as a new feature in this release. Employees can directly take a photo of a receipt within the app, or seamlessly upload documents from their photo library. The expenses are added to a report which is submitted to an approver in just one tap, simplifying the claims process and user experience.

During this period of remote work, our data shows that most employees would use a mobile app for their HR-related activity to connect with their teammates. With thousands of users using Swingvy HR software mobile app regularly, mobile has become a powerful tool for driving employee engagement.

Jin Choeh, CEO of Swingvy


Swingvy HR software allows users to view instantly payslips once issued. App push notification makes viewing payslips easier.

This revamped app launch is part of Swingvy HR software’s ongoing commitment to creating work experiences that empower people, and simplifying day-to-day administrative tasks. Your team may be apart, but with Swingvy mobile app, it’s easy to stay connected.

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