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How Melinda Looi Group uses Swingvy to simplify HR operations and save time

Dirk Luebbert

Group CEO of Melinda Looi Group

When Luebbert was looking for an automation solution, his goal was to find one that covers both HR and accounting. They needed an HR and accounting provider that would work with their rapid growth but was flexible enough to make adjustments if necessary.

“We want accounting and HR to be one so we can make it faster and easier across the business. I believe in automation and not doing manual calculations because it’s a waste of time. That’s why I choose Swingvy among other solutions,” said Luebbert.

Prior to moving to Swingvy, they were doing things manually with excel sheets and countless paperworks which used to be a stressful process that required Luebbert to always ensure that every information is accurate.

With Swingvy, these concerns no longer exist as they are now able to automate employee information straight to their payroll accurately. Plus, they don’t have to worry about payroll calculations and local statutory contributions as Swingvy’s LHDN approved payroll software auto calculates taxes for them.

Furthermore, Swingvy has created a solution for Melinda Looi Group by keeping all employee data in one organised, secure database accessible from anywhere.

Another important factor in achieving Luebbert’s goal was to find a solution that worked for his employees especially when it comes to leave management. Swingvy’s mobile app makes it easy for his employees to check their leave balances quickly and apply for leave, all from their phones. This also saves time for management to approve leave requests where it can be done within a single tap through the app.

“The good thing about Swingvy is that it is easy and accessible from anywhere. Especially for employees when they want to quickly check for their leave balances or apply for leave where they can do it from home and anywhere. We also don’t have paperworks flying around and then calculating how much leave you have left or reprint payslip and Swingvy has made it much simpler for our HR and employees,” said Luebbert.

Finally, Swingvy’s customer success team has also helped with the transition. Having a dedicated customer success manager with access to payroll and HR experts enables Luebbert to receive quick answers to any questions he had.

“Working with the Swingvy team has been nothing but a pleasure. It’s amazing to see how quickly they deploy new functionality and get things done. The level of dedication and knowledge their team possesses will help you get the most out of Swingvy, and they will be there for you every step of the way,’ said Luebbert.

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