Simpler than ever

We believe that people deserve better. That’s why we have designed and simplified employee benefits from the ground up with our team of experts and modern technology. With Swingvy, you and your team will have access to the best health insurance plans.

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How it works

Enrolment that’s lightning fast

Fit for your budget and your team’s needs, Swingvy instantly connects your preferred health insurance package to our insurance partners in one single platform.

Billings and claims made easy

Ditch the receipts, switch to easy billing and claims for your health insurance in a single dashboard. Submit your claims online, view your insurance cover plan, check panel hospital’s directory.

Hotline with peace of mind

Designed with superhuman intelligence, you can focus on your business while we take care of your employees well-being.

How we are Different

The best tools don’t require a lot of fuss - it just works. With Swingvy, we’ve simplified the HR tools you need to power your people and business.
  • Recommendation based on your company size 
  • Instant quotation in a real-time
  • Expert benefits consultants from end-to-end
  • Seamless billing and claim management
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All features

Medical Benefits Administrations

Purchase, manage, renew in a single system.

Benefits Store

Choose a plan as easily as you’d shop for airline tickets online.

Online Enrolment

Give your people easy benefits enrolment.

Licensed Insurance Advising

Our fully-licensed experts help you choose the benefits

Insurance On/Offboarding

Automated On/Offboarding for new hires and resignee.

Billing Management

From billing status to history.

Claim Management

Easy claim submission and seamless dashboard.

Employee Self Service

Employees can view plan detail and submit claim by themselves.

Power to the People
Take the first step empowering your employees and business through Swingvy.
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Why people love Swingvy
Save Time

Reduce 80% of paperwork compared to manual HR practices.

Save Cost

Save thousands of $ every year compared to legacy HR software.

Easy to Use

Intuitive and beautiful user interface that all your employees will love.