Meet the modern HR

Meet the modern HR Swingvy
Employee Database
A centralised, system of record for your employee data
Leave Management
Request and manage your leave
in several clicks
Custom Profile
Make customised employee profiles that company needs
Org Chart
Find your coworkers and see
where they fit in
Custom HR Report
Generate custom HR report
of your employees
Track key events—birthdays, leave etc—on the company calendar
Manage all goals-from the company to every employee
Performance Review
Configure custom reviews that fit your performance management
Mobile App
Put the whole company at your fingertips—anytime, anywhere
Custom Permission
Give right role & permission to access to the data they need
Eliminate paperworks and automate your onboarding process
Post and share company's announcement to everyone

Experience the modern HR

Our human resources information system (HRIS) consolidates your HR records online and automatically syncs your employee data across multiple key systems. The result is a dramatic reduction in administrative busy work and employees who feel more empowered.

ONE HUB of HR information

ONE HUB of HR information

Swingvy is the central hub at the heart of your HR world. All your people data is in one place that's simple and beautiful to use. Employees even do most of the data entry themselves.

'FUSS-FREE' Leave management

'FUSS-FREE' Leave management

View, analyse, manage and approve all holidays and absences centrally. Assign and enforce policies with ease. No cells, no sorting, just clarity.

Calendar, keep everything on track

Calendar, keep everything on track

The company calendar gives you a bird eye's view of what's happening: PTO, birthdays, anniversaries, and pay dates. Already have a calendar you love to use? No problem, just sync ours with yours.

Reporting redefined

Reporting redefined.

Now you can filtering your employees HR information in a smart way. From sickness to recent pay rises, all your reports are automated, defined and easy to analyse instantly. Right data, right report in right time.

Go ahead, experience the modern HR