Paying employees has never been easier.


Payroll that run itself with your HR data

Swingvy Payroll lets you run payroll effortlessly. By integrating seamlessly with Swingvy HR platform,  every change flows directly into your pay runs, keeping earnings, deductions, and taxes up-to-date for you. 

Automated Payroll

Automated Payroll

Swingvy Payroll integrates with HR Hub of Swingvy platform, so we can automatically update your payroll as changes happen for your employees. It's the simplest, most affordable solution on the market to manage HR and Payroll in one place.


We give you total control over your payroll and make it simple to run.

Employee Self-Service

Employee Self-Service

Now you can give your employees the ability to check their payslip on the go with Swingvy platform — another perk we provide for no extra charge.


Through their account, employees can fill out their personal details, saving you from manual data entry and time-consuming typos.

Automatic Filings & Submission

Automatic Filings
& Submission

Never worry about calculating, filing or submitting statutory forms. That’s our job.


Beginning with your first payroll run, Swingvy creates and electronically files your statutory forms. With Swingvy Payroll, it's all taken care of for you. 


No more paper forms.

HR & Payroll
An integrated platform
for HR and payroll
Onboarding & Proration
Automatic employee onboarding and proration setting for payroll
Year-End Reporting
Generate and file a year-end form for your employees
Automatic Filing & Submission
Generate statutory forms automatically
Employee Self-Service
Employee Self-Service
for payslip and HR information
Bank Integration
Bank integration support to generate bank files
Payroll Report
Generate your monthly payroll report
LHDN Certified
Payroll system
certified by LHDN
Payroll expert
Customer support by payroll experts

Simple and straightforward pricing.

Swingvy provides a world-class HR software as a free-of-charge service. 

Our Premium plan gives you more power, control, and customization.

(Currently, we provide a payroll feature only in Malaysia)

Unlimited users
Get Started

  • Employee Directory
  • Employee Profiles
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Company Org Chart
  • Custom HR Report
  • Leave Management
  • Leave Report
  • Company Calendar
  • Performance Management
  • Mobile App (iOS / Android)
  • Customer Support
Per user per month billed annually
RM10 billed monthly
Try 1 month free

  • Everything from Standard
  • Integration with Swingvy HR 
  • Automated Payroll 
  • Automatic Onboarding & Proration 
  • Statutory Form Generation 
  • Bank Integration 
  • End of Year Form Generation 
  • Payroll Report 
  • Employee Self-Service 

Automated Payroll.
Welcome to a new world.





Beta customer will have a free account by Dec 2017. Apply for your beta account and get special ticket! 

(Beta application will be closed by 31st August 2017)