The All-in-One HR platform to manage all your HR

Goodbye paperwork. Hello Swingvy.

Simple and intuitive HR software

focusing on people, not paper.

More than 1,000 businesses use Swingvy to manage their HR

Your company isn’t a pile of papers in a cabinet. It’s a dynamic mix of people, projects, and business. Swingvy manages onboarding, employee data and files, leaves, reports and documents that your entire team will enjoy using. That means less paper, less wasted time, and happier people.

ONE HUB of HR information

Swingvy is the central hub at the heart of your HR world. All your people data is in one place that's simple and beautiful to use. Employees even do most of the data entry themselves.

'FUSS-FREE' Leave management

View, analyse, manage and approve all holidays and absences centrally. Assign and enforce policies with ease. No cells, no sorting, just clarity.

Calendar, keep everything on track

The company calendar gives you a bird's eye view of what's happening: PTO, birthdays, anniversaries, and pay dates. Already have a calendar you love to use? No problem, just sync ours with yours.

Reporting redefined.

Now you can filter your employees HR information in a smart way. From sickness to recent pay rises, all your reports are automated, defined and easy to analyse instantly. Right data, right report in a right time.


Why people love Swingvy.

Reduce 80% of Paperwork and administrative chores compared to manual HR practices

With Swingvy all employee's data is in one place and synchronised automatically



Save thousands of $ every year compared to legacy HR software

- Jamrah Othman , HR manager, Channel-SP

"I truly love my job and people in our teams. Thanks to Swingvy, our small admin group has more time to connect with our teams and be proactive in building a transparent, supportive culture across our offices worldwide."

"Fantastic tool, and well-suited for customers who want to manage all information in-house. I used to have nightmares that my paperwork would suffocate me, but not any more. Swingvy helps me to remember to celebrate important milestones, so that people know we value them."

- Heather Eldridge, Co-Founder, Lago Design

- Charles Park, Founder & CEO, Lifeshotby

"As a founder of our community, I find a lot of joy in helping people grow and become more productive. Swingvy is so beautiful that everyone uses it, which frees up more time for me to follow my passion in helping people do their jobs better. And its integrations and reports are really great!"

Hear what our customers have to say.

First, when our customers choose benefits through Swingvy, we receive a commission from benefits providers. (Only from them, not from our customer.)

In addition, we will offer additional premium features such as payroll automation—completely optional—for which we charge directly. Even though you don’t use our payroll system, Swingvy’s Core HR platform is still free.

So, what is the price?

Yes, it's really free, seriously.

We don't charge any cost for our core HR platform.

Then how do we make money?


It's time for the modern HR.

See how Swingvy can transform your HR