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What’s it like to work with us as a sales manager?

Sam Saunders

May 25, 2021
Janica has about 10 years of diverse career experience ranging from public relations strategist, entrepreneurship in running logistics to retail B2B development in startups prior to joining Swingvy.

Why Swingvy?

When Sam, the recruiter, had first contacted me about an opportunity at Swingvy, I was helping my husband with his business and started to search more about Swingvy. I was intrigued by the opportunity and started to search for more information about Swingvy.

As one of the co-founders described Swingvy’s business model it absolutely resonated with me, as I was facing the exact same administrative hurdles in running a SMB (Small & Medium size business). I decided to join because Swingvy was a company that had a vision to help SMBs just like my husband’s company; and there are plenty of them out there!

After joining, what are your highlights?

There are a couple, including meeting all of my colleagues from so many different countries and learning about different cultures (we have 9 nationalities within Swingvy).

But the most recent highlight was actually not so long ago. We recently closed a deal with a client where the whole process was very personable and memorable, and where I really felt like we had found a client that wanted to grow together with Swingvy. It all started with the client reaching out to us first but once we started building a personal relationship, he started to share not only about his paint points but also his business challenges.  Ever since, we continue to do brainstorming sessions together on each other’s businesses and look for ways we can help one another. These types of client relationships are the highlight of my life here in Swingvy.

What is the toughest part about working at Swingvy?

As soon as I joined Swingvy (when we only had about 30 people), the organisation structure was not set, which made communication channels unclear. Swingvy being in multiple locations made communications even harder. We were also focusing on building our product so I don’t think we had yet formed a strong business strategy based on market research. Basically, everything was a bit chaotic at that point, not to mention that you do have to wear many hats working in a startup.

Now, it has definitely changed a lot – there are organisation structures in place, clear roles and responsibilities that help to identify stakeholders, and detailed SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) which makes collaboration much easier.

What's it like to be part of the Swingvy Sales team?

The sales team’s role is actually not limited to selling our solution to our customers. We do get involved in the whole customer journey and even in product development. In order for Swingvy to attract more customers, we work closely with the marketing team to identify our target customers.. Once we close the deal, we then follow up with our customer success team for a smooth transition, so that our clients are cared for throughout the entire onboarding journey with us, and beyond.

How are your team members?

We’re a very close-knit team and are constantly growing, changing and trying new things. We’re always trying to be as creative as we can and to think outside of the box. What’s great is that we are always there to help one another.

How would you describe the Swingvy culture?

Three words: dynamic, transparent and autonomous.

Out of all the companies I have worked at, Swingvy is the most transparent place. We have a Townhall once a month where Jin (CEO) openly shares the company’s successes and problems so that we are fully aware of what is going on in the company. We’re also able to share ideas on how to tackle the problem.

I also think Swingvy empowers each employee so that we are autonomous with our work. For instance, when we first launched “Partnership Sales” from nothing, we were given the full freedom to go all out to bring new ideas and set strategies. Our meetings with Jin were not about reporting the status quo or numbers, but more focused on him listening to our challenges, supporting the team with resources, ideas, and pointers.

“Swingvy is more like a one big family where we care about each other.”

What excites you most about Swingvy’s future?

Swingvy is constantly working on enhancement and new features. It will be an endless cycle of the Business Division working side-by-side with the Product Division to convey our customer’s needs, and implementing/improving our product. But that is the exciting part of the SaaS industry, and ultimately Swingvy becoming the leader in HR tech.

What would you tell anyone looking to join Swingvy?

It is definitely not a straight path but a journey with a lot of twists and turns. Yet, if you’re looking to challenge yourself, not just in your career, but personal growth, you’ll have a lot of autonomy, trust and transparency to be able to grow in a lot of different areas.


To find out more about working at Swingvy or see the current vacancies we are hiring for, check out our careers page.

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