[Guide] Choosing HR software! HR System Comparison for Small Businesses in 2022

Davina Huang

Oct 28, 2021
Everyone is talking about digital transformation. Therefore, switching from pen & paper or Excel, to a cloud-based HR Software (aka HR system, HRM, HRIS, and many other names…) has become so important. But do you really know what SMEs and small businesses like yourself really need? We are taking a stab at this, to compare the features of existing cloud HR software, so you can make decisions easier.
If your company is looking for a HR software, this list is MUST HAVE. (Image from:Pexels

🔸HR Software: The Basic Features

We believe these are the MUST HAVES. Anything less would not be considered sufficient.

  1. Employee information
  2. Organizational chart (org chart)
  3. News and announcements
  4. Company calendar
  5. Payroll and statutory calculation
  6. Payslips
  7. Tax forms
  8. Export and import files
  9. Leave management
  10. Time & Attendance
  11. Claims Management & Reimbursement
Most of Cloud HR softwares have advanced goodies. (Image from:Andrea Piacquadio

🔹Cloud Software: The Advanced Goodies

Payroll and Statutory Updates

There’s nothing more important than accurate payroll calculation. ERP and Excel can’t cater to new statutory updates from the government. That’s the value of cloud HR Software.  

For example, if there are updates to rates of IRAS, CPF, SDL, SHG such as SINDA, CDAC, MBMF, ECF or OT payment, a cloud HR software should automatically update to comply with the law.

For year-end tax filing, the Auto-Inclusion Scheme (AIS) feature must be in the payroll software as well. At a minimum, past payroll data should be automatically populated, and then create a IR8A tax file to submit to the IRAS.

It’s really important to have a nice user experience while you are using HR software to request your leave, calculate the payslips or just check the attendance. (Image from Pexels)

User Interface

UI, UX are often overlooked because we dig in way too much in the features.  Time is money. Your employee will be spending just as much time as you, on HR software. Therefore, the better-looking the UI, the happier the employee will be. An intuitive user interface, we guarantee you, will save A LOT OF TIME for the company as a whole.

Data Retrieval and Implementation

Why would you pay for your own data? Why would you pay to input your own data? Cloud HR Software shouldn’t charge installation or implementation fees. A good software should be one that can be self-serviced. Data must be retrieved as you go, too.

Don’t use a HR software with a ton of crap function, it not only waste your time, also waste your money. (Image from :Pexels


A software is only as good as a comprehensive one.  Within the HR software, all the data should be integrated. For example, claims amount can be reimbursed via payroll, or OT records can be auto-calculated into OT payments. Any less will create more hassle for users. Externally, it would be REALLY nice if online bank files for salary and statutory payments can be auto-generated after calculating payroll.

Calendar integration, or third-party accounting software integration (such as Xero) comes in handy, too.

Customer Service

Human resources is a serious matter, and should be handled with care and expertise. From onboarding to actual use. From using it to mastering it. All these require delicate support from the customer service team. For a B2B SaaS company, the customer service team is usually the most indispensable. If you are approaching payroll deadlines, and all of a sudden are stuck with a question that customer service cannot handle instantly, that would be BUMMER!!!

Click here to Download the full version HR Software Comparison Chart for SMEs

🔸HR Software Comparison Chart for SMEs

Don’t be intimidated by the content above. It’s really not that difficult to choose Mr. HRM Right. We’ve put together a chart for your consideration (yes it’s a part of customer service) Click here to download the full version HR Software Comparison Chart!

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The Swingvy mobile app is free to every user of the Swingvy platform and provides both HR administrators and employees with on-demand access to the platform and HR tasks no matter where they are.

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