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Compliant payroll software to simplify payment processes.


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Remove paper processes by integrating payroll directly into your cloud-based HR platform.


Why Swingvy Payroll?

Simple payroll

Payment accuracy & compliance

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Streamline your payroll process with compliant payroll software integrated with your HRMS.


Payroll Features

Existing Bank Integrations

Auto-generate bank reports and GIRO files.

Automated Tax & Filing

Taxes are calculated and filed for you.

Onboarding & Proration

Automatic proration of pay based on join date.

Ready-to-go Reports

Payroll, variance, and bank reports pre-built.

Integration With Claims

Integrate expense claims with your payroll.

Customer Support

We’re here to offer support at every step.

Intergrate with Xero

Integrate Swingvy Payroll with Xero to streamline your payroll to accounting process.
People matter, not paper

“Payroll, leave, claims and benefits processing were always an essential but tedious activity in running our business. Swingvy HR platform took care of it all.”

CK ChangOxwhite
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“Swingvy HR platform took care of the tedious HR tasks and gave us the freedom to focus on other parts of our business.”

CK Changr, Founder & CEO

“We really like the fact that once we run payroll we are able to get the statutory files out quickly in the format that the departments want.”

Keith Tan, Co-Founder & Operations
Spinefit Chiro & Physio

“We choose Swingvy because of the value that it gives. It’s seamlessness and its user interface…. It’s very intuitive.”

Will Lee, Founder
That Marketing Guy

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Payroll FAQs

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Who is Swingvy’s Payroll for?
Swingvy’s payroll platform was built for SMEs looking for payroll software that would simplify payment processing and make payday simple. By integrating payroll directly into Swingvy’s cloud-based HR software, SMEs can remove paper processes and keep all of their people data and payroll information in one place. Swingvy’s payroll software is suitable for any small to medium-size business with up to 100 employees. If your company has more than 100 employees, get in touch with our team for a free customised evaluation of the HR and payroll software needs of your business.
How long does it take to run payroll with Swingvy?
It takes on average just 10 minutes to run payroll with Swingvy’s compliant payroll software. With a detailed payroll overview in the first step of payroll processing, you can edit and update payroll calculations on the spot by expanding individual employee payroll lines to edit pay details directly.
How does Swingvy Payroll help with compliance?
Swingvy payroll software automates calculations of tax and CPF contribution along with other statutory contributions to ensure accuracy. Swingvy payroll is integrated with all major Singapore banks and IRAS, and compliant with MOM. By seamlessly connecting all HR information — employee data, payroll, expenses, benefits, leave — Swingvy enables SMEs to improve their people management, payroll processing, and remain compliant with local statutory regulations. 
What access do employees have to payroll information?
Employees have secure access to view and edit their payment information within the Swingvy platform. E-Payslips are autogenerated and can be viewed and downloaded within the Swingvy payroll section of the platform. Payday notifications are also sent via email to employees to connect them to their payslips. 

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