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Simple, powerful HRMS software

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Share company information

Swingvy's HRMS software (HR Hub) shares office information, an employee directory, org chart, company news feed and calendar with everyone.

Grant employee access

Employees have secure access to a unique dashboard showing their HR records, payslips, leave management, and expense claims in one place.

Simplify people management

Connect and sync all employee and HR information across Swingvy software products, to automate on and off boarding processes with ease.

Why Swingvy HR Software?

Swingvy HR software keeps all the HR information you need within reach.

Employee Profiles & Directory

Customise employee profiles to be as individual as your people.
Swingvy HR software employee profile view

Company News Stream

Keep the whole team in the loop by sharing company announcements.
Swingvy HR software showing shared company news stream

Company Calendar

Never miss key events with a shared company calendar that links with Google, Outlook, & iCal.
Swingvy HR software shared company calendar with upcoming events visible

Manage and sync employee data across HR modules to reduce admin time.

Employee On/Offboarding

Swingvy HRMS reduces paperwork by automating the whole process.
Swingvy HR software screenshots of onboarding process within the HR platform

Pre-Set & Customisable HR Reports

Harness your HR data with real-time and customisable reports.
Swingvy HR software image of pre-set customisable HR reports

Share Company Information

Put a face to a name with a visual organisation chart, and office details.
Swingvy HR software image of org chart and general company information view within the platform

Everything you need to empower your team in one secure online HR platform.

Employee Self-Service HR Platform

Employees have individual access to their HR information, leave balance, claims and benefits.
Swingvy HR software view of leave management system and leave application process

Boost Employee Engagement

Set your team up for success with goals, progress tracking, and reviews.
Swingvy HR software view of upcoming company events and employee goals progression

On-Demand HR Platform Access

Full-suite HRMS lets employees view payslips and employee benefits details through secure platform access.
Swingvy HR software view of digital employee payslip

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HR Hub Features

Employee profiles & directory

Create custom employee profiles to fit your business needs.

Organisation chart

Know who’s who and where everyone fits in.

Company calendar & news

Keep your whole team in the loop with shared news and calendars.

Goal tracking

Keep your people engaged with goal tracking and reviews.

Custom HR reporting

Gain insights into your people and your business with HR data.

Employee self service

Let employees access and manage leave and payslip on-demand.

Swingvy HR Software Calendar Integrations

Swingvy's shared company calendar integrates with Google, Outlook, and iCal. Setup is simple – Swingvy generates an URL for you to paste into your preferred calendar.
Swingvy calendar integration ecosystem with Google, iCal and Outlook

"Swingvy is very user friendly for both employees and for HR. Great for startups like us who want an uncomplicated but feature rich HR solution."

Justin Wong, CEO
Wholesome Food People

“As a manager we can approve the claims and leave of the employees anywhere anytime by using the mobile app. I think it’s very convenient and handy."

Low Boon Weng

"It’s really easy to use and I don’t have to second guess if my expense sheet is uploaded or not. It’s very intuitive."

Will Lee
That Marketing Guy

“Payroll, leave, claims and benefits processing were always an essential but tedious activity in running our business. Swingvy HR platform took care of it all.”

CK Chang

"We selected Swingvy because there's great customer support… we can have cost savings, it’s easy to use, it saves time, and also we use less HR resources."

Low Boon Weng
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Simple, powerful HR & payroll software.

Why do SMEs choose Swingvy for their team?

“Knowing that the processes are being managed securely, well, and professionally, it’s really important, and I think Swingvy is allowing us to do that.”

Dipak Natali
Special Olympics Asia Pacific

“The platform itself is very user friendly and intuitive, and the Swingvy team is exceptional. We are delighted to have Swingvy as our HR platform".

Randeep Sudan

"Swingvy is very user friendly for both employees and for HR. Great for startups like us who want an uncomplicated but feature rich HR solution."

Justin Wong, CEO
Wholesome Food People

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Who is Swingvy’s HR Hub for?
Swingvy’s full-suite HR software platform was built for SMEs looking for HR software that would streamline their HR operations. The HRMS platform makes it easy to access all HR information in one place and to provide employees with access to their HR data with ease. Swingvy's HR software is suitable for any small to medium-size business with up to 100 employees. If your company has more than 100 employees, get in touch with our team for a free customised evaluation of the HR software needs of your business.
How does Swingvy HR Hub help with onboarding?
Swingvy’s HR Hub connects all employee HR data across a suite of HR products. This helps to automate the on and off boarding process by syncing employee information between the HR software modules, including the payroll system, employee medical benefits provider, leave and expense claims software and more.
What access do employees have to the HR system?
Within the HR software platform, employees have access to their HR data records, payslips, leave balance and history, expense claims status are more all from a secure platform login. The Swingvy mobile HR app also makes it simple for employees to access information on demand.
What modules are accessible inside Swingvy’s HR Hub?
The Swingvy HR Hub allows access to a shared company news feed, company calendar, employee directory and org chart, employee goals, and access to an individual employees personal HR information. The HR Hub is part of our premium plan offering, which also includes Claims, Leave and Benefits.

People Operations Platform
Full-suite HR software for payroll, leave management, time, claims and much more.