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Wherever work takes you, Swingvy has you covered with a mobile HR app.
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Give your team on-demand access to effortlessly 
manage HR tasks from anywhere with our free mobile HR app.

Access all of Swingvy’s HR modules in one mobile app.

Detailed view of itemised payroll calculations in Swingvy

Time & Attendance

Clock-in and clock-out from the mobile app dashboard. The time widget counts the hours and minutes worked, and lets employees submit overtime for payment approval.
Preview of Swingvy payroll platform bulk payroll update feature

Leave Management

Employees view their leave balance and can submit and manage leave applications easily from their mobile. Approved leave will be added to the shared company calendar.
Preview of pre-built reports in Swingvy payroll platform

Expense Claims

Create, manage and submit expense reports from anywhere with Swingvy mobile app. Snap photos of expense receipt directly within the mobile app to add to claims.
Detailed view of itemised payroll calculations in Swingvy

Shared Calendar

Expand employee lines to see detailed calculations of all payroll items in the first step of running payroll. Automated payroll calculations ensure greater accuracy, giving you peace of mind.
Preview of Swingvy payroll platform bulk payroll update feature

Company Information

The shared company calendar on mobile displays a stream of upcoming events including colleagues leave, company events or key dates so everyone stays in the loop.
Preview of pre-built reports in Swingvy payroll platform

Mobile e-Payslips

On payday, push notifications notify employees that they’ve been paid, allowing them instant access to view their itemised PDF payslip directly within the app.
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Ask our customers:
“Knowing that the processes are being managed securely, well, and professionally, it’s really important, and I think Swingvy is allowing us to do that.”

Dipak Natali
Special Olympics Asia Pacific

“The platform itself is very user friendly and intuitive, and the Swingvy team is exceptional. We are delighted to have Swingvy as our HR platform".

Randeep Sudan

"Swingvy is very user friendly for both employees and for HR. Great for startups like us who want an uncomplicated but feature rich HR solution."

Justin Wong, CEO
Wholesome Food People

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Push Notifications & In-App Inbox

Mobile push notification will let employees know when the status of leave and claims submissions changes, approvals of clock-in/out changes, when their mobile payslip is ready, and who’s on leave each day.Notification history is housed in an in-app inbox, so employees can check back anytime.
Digital payslip example from Swingvy online payroll software
Ask our customers
Swingvy customer Keith Tan from SpineFit Chiropractor
“As a manager we can approve the claims and leave of the employees anywhere anytime by using the mobile app. I think it’s very convenient and handy."

Low Boon Weng, Palsgaard
Swingvy customer Keith Tan from SpineFit Chiropractor
“The best thing about Swingvy is that you get all of those features on your phone. I can access information anywhere, anytime.”

Will Lee, That Marketing Guy
Swingvy customer Keith Tan from SpineFit Chiropractor
“The platform is very user friendly and the support staff are great. Another key point is that it has a mobile app so it is easier to have an overview of the business while on the go.”

Alex Chua, Tour Mount Bromo
Digital payslip example from Swingvy online payroll software

Managers App View

Managers and administrators can use the mobile app for their own HR task management, as well as that of their team. View and approve leave requests, time and attendance ammendments, and expense claims, anywhere, anytime.

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Streamline payroll process with compliant online payroll software integrated with your HR software.

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What are the benefits of mobile HR?
A mobile HR app allows employees and HR administrators to access HR information and get HR tasks done on the go from anywhere. With individual secure access via login, everyone can access their own information, submit requests to their approvers and stay up to date with events or leave of colleagues at any time.
Who can use Swingvy’s mobile HR app?
Swingvy payroll software automates calculations of tax and CPF contribution along with other statutory contributions to ensure accuracy. Swingvy payroll is integrated with all major Singapore banks and IRAS, and compliant with MOM. By seamlessly connecting all HR information — employee data, payroll, expense claims, time tracking, leave — Swingvy enables SMEs to improve their people management, payroll processing, and remain compliant with local statutory regulations. 
What platform modules are available on Swingvy’s HR mobile app?
The Swingvy HR mobile app contains the Swingvy modules for expense claims and leave management, as well as access to the shared company calendar, employee directory with UX to look like a phone contact list, office information and more. The mobile app also where employees access Swingvy Time, where employees can clock in and clock out using the time and attendance module on the mobile app dashboard. Digital employee timesheets are also viewable in the mobile app. An in-app inbox allows employees or administrators to track updates and status changes on requests and approvals. 
How do employees submit expense claims using the mobile app?
Expense claim submission using Swingvy’s mobile HR app is simple. With access to the phone camera, photos of receipts can be snapped from within the app, or uploaded from the mobile camera role directly into the expense report. In just a few clicks, the expense claim can be submitted for approval, with a push-notification sent to the approver for quick action. Once an expense claim is approved, this is pushed directly to the payroll module to be paid with the next pay run. 
How do Swingvy mobile push notifications work?
Swingvy mobile push notification settings can be set by each individual. Requests, approvals or declines on requests for leave or expense claims can be sent via a push notification, as well as an email notification. Mobile app users may also choose to revive a daily push notification of upcoming events such as birthdays or leave status updates on who will be away each day.
What is the price of Swingvy Mobile?
Swingvy Mobile app is free for all users of Swingvy, administrators and employees. To gain access, sign up to one of our plans by requesting a platform demo.
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