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Swingvy HR Software - Leave Management

Why Swingvy Leave?

Streamline your leave processes

View of Swingvy leave management system calendar and upcoming company events view

Simple custom leave settings

Admin view of Swingvy leave management system leave type creation

Automatic leave calculations

View of Swingvy leave management system advanced admin settings

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It’s time to go digital with leave management.

ALL YOU NEED in an hr software

Leave features

Employee self-service

Let employees check their leave balance and plan their leave ahead

Customise leave policy

Enable/disable leave policy, decide how the leave is provided to the employees

Various workflow

Attach, leave comment, set multi-level approval

Leave balance management

Adjust leave balance as needed and check all the history for employee at one place


Generate reports on real time for all the leave requests approved/ declined on the platform

Integrations with calendar

Auto-calculate leave balance, leave duration based on company calendar

“As a manager we can approve the claims and leave of the employees anywhere anytime by using the mobile app. I think it’s very convenient and handy."

Low Boon Weng

"Swingvy is very user friendly for both employees and for HR. Great for startups like us who want an uncomplicated but feature rich HR solution."

Justin Wong, CEO
Wholesome Food People

"It’s really easy to use and I don’t have to second guess if my expense sheet is uploaded or not. It’s very intuitive."

Will Lee
That Marketing Guy

“Payroll, leave, claims and benefits processing were always an essential but tedious activity in running our business. Swingvy HR platform took care of it all.”

CK Chang

"We selected Swingvy because there's great customer support… we can have cost savings, it’s easy to use, it saves time, and also we use less HR resources."

Low Boon Weng
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“Knowing that the processes are being managed securely, well, and professionally, it’s really important, and I think Swingvy is allowing us to do that.”

Dipak Natali
Special Olympics Asia Pacific

“The platform itself is very user friendly and intuitive, and the Swingvy team is exceptional. We are delighted to have Swingvy as our HR platform".

Randeep Sudan

"Swingvy is very user friendly for both employees and for HR. Great for startups like us who want an uncomplicated but feature rich HR solution."

Justin Wong, CEO
Wholesome Food People

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Leave FAQs

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Why choose Swingvy leave management software?
Swingvy's leave management software makes applying for and approving time off simple. Swingvy leave system is integrated directly into your HRMS, with an HR mobile app for employees quick access. Leave can be applied for on the go in just a few clicks.
What access do employees have within the leave module?
Employees have access to view their own leave balances and apply for leave within their secure HRMS platform login. They will also have a view of past leave applications and the status of these, whether pending, approved or declined. 

Approved leave requests will appear in the shared company calendar on the Swingvy platform, giving all employees visibility of who is away. The shared company calendar can be integrated with iCal, Outlook and Google calendars for easy reference. This ensures everyone in the company stays up to date with who's in and who's out of the office.
How do employees apply for leave in Swingvy?
Leave can then be applied for within an employee's secure login to the cloud-based leave management system. On their dashboard, employees will see an overview of all leave types allocated to them and the remaining number of leave days they have for each leave type. Employees simply select the leave type they want to apply for, and the days, or hours of leave, and submit to their pre-set approver. Employees can choose to add colleagues in ‘cc’ in their leave application so that they are also notified of the leave dates once an approval has been given. 

The free Swingvy mobile HR app also simplifies leave applications. In one tap from the mobile home screen, all leave type balances can be viewed and managed, along with leave request and approval history. Applications for new leave can be made within the app, triggering the same notifications to the leave approvers to streamline the application process and timeline. Employees will be notified via push notifications as well as in their in-app inbox about the status update of any applications.
How do managers approve leave in the Swingvy system?
Once a request is made, the approval manager will receive a push notification to their mobile, and an email notification advising them of the leave application of the employee, as well as their remaining leave balance for that leave type. Here they can directly approve or decline the request from mobile or email.
Are leave types and allocations flexible and customisable within the Swingvy platform?
Swingvy Leave lets HR administrators set leave entitlements for different groups of employees within the system, with different leave approvers, or multi-level approval workflow options. Standard leave types such as annual leave, sick leave, hospitalisation leave and more will be set in the system, ready for you to choose your day allocations, but additional leave types specific to your company can be added and adjusted to fit your business needs.

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