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Swingvy is the most powerful HR software to share information and connect with people

Our mission has been to create a workplace where work empowers people. Because people power companies.
our mission

We believe great businesses always put people first.

Swingvy’s mission is to create a workplace where work empowers people. Winning companies put people first. If you focus on recruiting, cultivating, and retaining good people, you’ll see better results. This is the fundamental belief in Swingvy.
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Our power is in our people

We’ve built our company on the profound belief that people are the most important asset of any business. People management is all we focus on — and we’ve refused to do anything else. It’s that important.
The Swingvy team
The Swingvy team

Leading brands trust Swingvy for HR management

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“Being able to manage payroll and optimize it for every new employee has increased our production by 36%. Now we can focus more time getting results.”

People Operations Platform
Full-suite HR platform for payroll, benefits, claims and much more.