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Time & attendance tracking to simplify team management.


Better time tracking

Integrated with HR hub, Payroll and Leave

Employee time & attendance software

Why Swingvy Time?

Simple time & attendance tracking

Easy Clock in/Out

Employees can clock in and clock out with automatic updates.

On-the-go Tracking

Track your team hours whether they’re remote or at the office.

Clock-in Location

Set geofences location for your employees clock in and clock out.

Time policy setting & reporting

coming soon!

Accurate payroll calculation

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Prioritise people, not paper. Take time-tracking digital.

all you need

Time Features

Geofence location

Set geofence boundaries for employee clock in and clock out.

Custom time policies

Set time and attendance policies that fit your company needs.


Generate reports in real time for team work hours and overtime pay.

Employee self-service

Give your employees access to their schedules digitally, on-demand.

Mobile timesheet

Employees can easily review their timesheets via mobile and request amendments.


Auto-sync with HR hub, Payroll and Leave modules for seamless payroll processing.
People matter, not paper

"We selected Swingvy because there's great customer support… we can have cost savings, it’s easy to use, it saves time, and also we use less HR resources."

Low Boon Weng
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Why do SMEs choose Swingvy for their team?

“Swingvy HR platform took care of the tedious HR tasks and gave us the freedom to focus on other parts of our business.”

CK Chang, Founder & CEO

“We really like the fact that once we run payroll we are able to get the statutory files out quickly in the format that the departments want.”

Keith Tan, Co-Founder & Operations
Spinefit Chiro & Physio

“We choose Swingvy because of the value that it gives. It’s seamlessness and its user interface…. It’s very intuitive.”

Will Lee, Founder
That Marketing Guy

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Time FAQs

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What is Time and Attendance software?
Time and attendance software allows companies to keep track of employee attendance, manage paid overtime and employee morale, as well as keep ahead of upcoming financial outgoings. It works as a digital timesheet, to capture the clock in and clock out times of employees. Digitised time sheets simplify team management, helping HR managers better understand the work patterns of your workforce and keep track of paid overtime.
Who is Swingvy Time for?
Swingvy’s time and attendance software is utilised by many companies, including those with shift workers, workers paid hourly wages and even salaried employees who may or may not work in the same office place, where there is a need or desire to track time attendance records.
How does Swingvy Time work?
Swingvy Time allows you to keep track of attendance, work hours, and overtime of your staff, for easier remote management, scheduling, and financial forecasting. Administrators can customise work hours and overtime settings by department or employee to fit the team’s needs. Clock in and out for employees is done simply on the mobile app dashboard, giving them a real-time view of hours worked, and a record of past attendance. Real-time reports are available on-demand to see work hours, overtime information, and to check attendance records.

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