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Cloud-based Time & Attendance Tracking Software

Digital time tracking and attendance management software with automated timesheets saves administrative work.

Streamline Employee Attendance Management & Payroll with Swingvy's Time & Attendance Tracking System.

Simple Clock-in / Clock-out with mobile App

  • Clock in and out for employees is done simply on the mobile app dashboard.
  • Simply open the Swingvy app, and tap clock in on the home screen.
  • This records the timestamp and starts a time tracking work hours over the day.
“I know lots of companies are using physical Clock-in/Clock-out machine. However, we work remotely quite often, and Swingvy allows us to Clock-in/Clock-out from mobile easily anywhere, anytime.”

Elaine, Bestmade
Mobile app view of Swingvy’s time-tracking feature
Preview of geofence activated in Swingvy Time attendance tracking module

Track Attendance with Geofence Location

Geofencing is a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area (your office location). If activated, your employees will only be able to clock-in and clock-out within the set radius boundaries from your specified location.
  • Geo-fence locations can be set and activated for different workplaces or employee groups.
  • A warning will be shown to employees trying to clock-in/out outside of the set location.
  • Timestamps outside of geofence location will need approval from the set approver.
Swingvy Time attendance and workgroup settings

Customised Time & Attendance Policies

Customise work schedules including work hours and overtime settings by department or employee to fit the team’s needs. Swingvy caters to multiple team, department, or individual time schedules and workplace locations.
Preview of mobile timesheet in Swingvy app

On-Demand Mobile Timesheets

Access timesheets in the free Swingvy mobile app. Employees can request to amend clock-in or clock-out times, triggering a notification to the set approver. Amendments will be recorded in a time sheet with the reason and approval status.
Dashboard view of Swingvy Time timesheet attendance report

Real-time Attendance Reporting

Reports are available on demand to see your teams' attendance data including work hours, overtime information, and check attendance records. View timesheets for selected employees or all timesheet changes and overtime requests.
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Ask our customers:
“Knowing that the processes are being managed securely, well, and professionally, it’s really important, and I think Swingvy is allowing us to do that.”

Dipak Natali
Special Olympics Asia Pacific

“The platform itself is very user friendly and intuitive, and the Swingvy team is exceptional. We are delighted to have Swingvy as our HR platform".

Randeep Sudan

"Swingvy is very user friendly for both employees and for HR. Great for startups like us who want an uncomplicated but feature rich HR solution."

Justin Wong, CEO
Wholesome Food People

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Preview of timsheet submission to payroll processing

Reinburse Overtime Hours with Swingvy Payroll

Swingvy Time is integrated with the Swingvy Payroll module, making overtime payments simple.
  • Employees can submit overtime hours clocked for approval.
  • Approved overtime is pushed straight to payroll to be processed on the next pay run.
  • Swingvy Time auto-calculates overtime hours to an individual employees pay rate, so you stay compliant with local statutory law.
  • Overtime hours will be reflected in an employees payslip as well as payroll reports.

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Streamline payroll process with compliant online payroll software integrated with your HR software.

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What is Time and Attendance tracking software?
Time & Attendance tracking software allows companies to keep track of employee attendance, manage paid overtime and employee morale, as well as keep ahead of upcoming financial outgoings. It works as a digital timesheet, to capture the clock in and clock out times of employees.

Digitised time sheets simplify team management, helping HR managers better understand the work patterns of your workforce and keep track of paid overtime.
Who is Swingvy Time for?
Swingvy’s time and attendance software is utilised by many companies, including those with shift workers, workers paid hourly wages and even salaried employees who may or may not work in the same office place, where there is a need or desire to track time attendance records.
How does Swingvy Time & Attendance management system work?
Swingvy Time allows you to keep track of attendance, work hours, and overtime of your staff, for easier remote management, scheduling, and financial forecasting. Administrators can customise work hours and overtime settings by department or employee to fit the team’s needs. Clock in and out for employees is done simply on the mobile app dashboard, giving them a real-time view of hours worked, and a record of past attendance. Real-time reports are available on-demand to see work hours, overtime information, and to check attendance records.
What is the price of Swingvy Time?

Swingvy Time is an add-on for S$3.00 per employee per month to our Premium plan (S$5.00 pe/pm). If payment is made annually, you’ll enjoy a 15% discount. For detailed pricing information and a pricing calculator for your business needs, visit our pricing page: https://www.swingvy.com/sg/pricing

Swingvy Time system includes free onboarding training and access to ongoing customer support.

Can I use the Productivity Solutions Grant with Swingvy Time?
Yes! Swingvy is an approved vendor of PSG, Enterprise Singapore, IMDA, SFEC grants. Eligible companies can get up to 50% funding support for their use of Swingvy’s HR platform. Learn more https://www.swingvy.com/sg/psg
#1 Time & Attendance Management System for Business in Singapore
Learn why Singapore Startups and Business trust Swingvy to track and management employees' attendance.
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