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How Smart Rostering & Time Tracking Helps Shift Teams

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Apr 26, 2022

For shift-work businesses like F&Bs and Retailers, rostering is a whole new ball game. Factor in the multiple flexible shifts in a day, plus time tracking? For organisations who haven’t found a way to manage it well, it could spell major inefficiencies.

Find out how smart rostering & time tracking boosts productivity & labor cost optimisation for teams like Ya Kun, Shake Shack, Ippudo and Pandora. 



Benefits of Using Smart Rostering & Time Tracking for Businesses with Shift Workers


1. Optimise Manpower Allocation, Control Labor Costs

The big secret’s out: your roster is the true ruler of labor costs! Especially for shift-work businesses that handle Full Timers, Part Timers and multiple shifts per day? rostering is the backbone of all operations. 

When F&Bs and Retailers digitise rostering, they can:

  • Visualise manpower costs based on weekly rosters
  • Forecast manpower needs based on past data
  • Easily respond to last minute ground changes & make roster edits
  • Share manpower across outlets, maximising resources on hand
  • Enjoy seamless roster/timesheet communication with your team

2. Roster up to 70% faster

Managers have a tough job. Staff training, daily operations, inventory management, hitting targets, handling difficult customers and even planning weekly rosters! With so much going on, it’s no wonder some struggle to find time for proper management!

Digitising rostering is a surefire way to support them. Instead of manual shifting, getting part timers’ availability, sending out the rosters, making changes and communicating them… 

They could save up to 70% time spent on rostering weekly just like how Bober Tea did with StaffAny. 

Top F&Bs and Retailers support their managers with the right tools and let them thrive at the work they do best. You’ll be surprised by how much a rostering system can ease the burden for HR as well.

Easily request availabilities, publish rosters and clock-in to shifts 


3. Reduce internal miscommunication & errors

When rosters go awry… 

daily operations can be majorly impacted. This looks like people not turning up, or a shift clash spotted too late – not only do we get the dreaded last minute scramble to fill the shifts, everyone gets panicky and the shop is short handed! 

But mistakes happen. This is especially common in organisations with multiple shifts in a day, many part timers and also multi-outlet rostering. Here, digitised rostering flags out any errors even before you publish shifts. It even notifies you which staff are on OT so you can re-adjust the shifts and optimise your labor costs. 


4. Improve staff performance

Absenteeism, lateness and time theft are commonplace business problems. There’s no surprises there but the good news is, it can be dealt with easily. 

When top F&Bs and Retailers integrate a smart clock-in function with their rostering system, they get to enjoy these benefits.

  • Match clock-in records to shifts and flag out discrepancies/lateness easily. i.e. HR never spends hours on this again! 
  • Ensure that employees only clock-in to shifts when they’re supposed to, and don’t stay longer than they’re supposed to. 
  • Save labor costs (up to 30% for some of our customers)
  • Build a culture of personal ownership and responsibility.   

Digital rostering simplifies shift work for you, so you can focus on true business. 

How can Swingvy help?

Swingvy Payroll has integrated with StaffAny Rostering, to take the pain out of rostering! 

It takes less than 30 minutes to create your rosters for the month - or practically a few minutes with StaffAny’s Auto-Rostering power up. With your team connected on StaffAny, requesting for shift availability, publishing shifts and making edits can all be done at the click of a button.

Never manually match timesheet data with shifts again, now that StaffAny matches time tracking to the shifts assigned. StaffAny’s smart rounding mechanisms also help to keep your labor costs at a minimum. 

With all information real-time on the cloud visible to both managers & staff, teams can greatly minimize pay discrepancies every month-end. 

How does the Swingvy + StaffAny Integration work?

The integration is simple. Users of the two systems can connect them via an API token (provided) to be able to pull the clock-in and clock-out data from the StaffAny rostering and time tracking system into Swingvy Payroll.

Individual employees' pay hours from StaffAny’s timesheets are pulled into Swingvy Payroll for the time period selected. This allows shift workers tracked in StaffAny and full time workers to be paid at the same time. 

As the systems are connected, any new staff can also be onboarded into the Swingvy system, then have their details pushed to StaffAny, saving HR administrators time in the onboarding process. 


For a limited time, Swingvy and StaffAny are offering the two platforms for just S$8.50/RM10 per employee, per month. Get access to StaffAny’s rostering and time tracking system and Swingvy Payroll to streamline management of your shift workers. 

Interested? Drop your details below and we’ll be in touch.

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