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A Full Payroll Outsourcing Service provided for you.

Entrust all aspects of your payroll to us while you focus on your people because People Matter.
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A Full Payroll Service provided for you.

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Stress-free Payday!

We understand that as a SME, there are many challenges you face.

With limited HR resources, the company still needs to manage multiple tasks throughout the day, while accurate payroll processing compliant to regulatory requirements including tax filing is crucial. A professional payroll service provider, Swingvy, is here to help you.

Payroll Expert

A fully dedicated Payroll Expert will process and manage all aspects of your payroll.

Regulatory Compliance

Payroll Service Team utilizes Swingvy payroll software which is fully compliant to local regulations for accurate payroll and tax filings.

Time Saving

With a cloud-based software, all your payroll process will be
streamlined all the way to sending payslips to the employees.

Centralized Data

Leave, claims, and overtime data that affects your payroll can be managed under one integrated system.

Become a Swingvy expert

Upskill and stay current using Swingvy Partner-only learning resources and courses.

* Access for partners only. Contact us for more details.

Why swingvy?

The payroll provider with HR platform that makes your job easier.

All-in-one HR suite

Integrated people management with Swingvy's time, leave, and claims modules.

Access to Experts

Payroll experts with knowledge on local regulations.

Stay updated

Be informed of any kind of updates or changes in HR matters.

Empower People

Employees will have easy
access to information while you can focus on the daily tasks on hand.
how it works

Swingvy's Payroll Expert does Everything for you

Detailed view of itemised payroll calculations in Swingvy
step 1


Based on the information you
provide, Swingvy will prepare a
payroll report in advance of your
Preview of pre-built reports in Swingvy payroll platform
step 2


You will already have a customized bank file on hand while payslips will be automatically sent out to the employees.
Preview of pre-built reports in Swingvy payroll platform
step 3

Tax Reporting

All regulatory tax reporting will
be managed by Swingvy and confirmation will be sent to you.

All you need to do is "Approve"

Simply review the report and approve the payroll for the month (or inquire us for any questions).
Easy Migration

New to Swingvy or using another tool?

Switching to Swingvy is extremely easy. All you have to do is to send us one file on employee records and Swingvy will set-up everything else for you so you could effortlessly start your next payroll with us!

Why Swingvy? Hear from our customers.

Special Olympics Asia Pacific have a core team of staff based in Singapore, and a number of others based in regional offices. They utilise Swingvy as a central point to connect and bring the team together as a simple platform to manage HR tasks. See the full interview for how technology helps Special Olympics Asia Pacific make an impact.
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Is there a qualification criteria to use Swingvy Payroll Service?
No. Whether you have 1 or 100 employees, Swingvy will have a fully dedicated Payroll Team to support you.
How long does it take to process payroll?
We typically provide you a payroll report 3 days prior to your payday, so you have enough time to review and make any adjustments accordingly. In total, it takes less than 5 days.
Can I just use Swingvy on my own?
Absolutely. If you prefer to run payroll on your own, you can subscribe to Swingvy product. Main difference of Swingvy Payroll Service is that we process all of your payroll on behalf of you including tax reporting. You will also gain access to our payroll experts.
What about year-end tax filing?
Swingvy is registered as an Auto-Inclusion Scheme (AIS) vendor, therefore, we will also support you not only with monthly tax filing but also for your employees’ year-end tax filing.
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