Essential Mobile Apps for Singapore's Small Business Owners

Katie Ash

May 26, 2022

Running a small business is a challenge. But luckily, there are plenty of tools to help you keep on top of matters, and that simplifies the way you manage and understand your business. Here’s our list of must-have mobile apps for small business owners in Singapore who are looking to keep their business management in hand.

Compliance: Singpass

Singpass APP Preview

The Singpass app is essential for any business owners to view and access government information and agencies. Users receive government notifications through the Singpass app inbox, and have quick access to a number of online services, including CPF, IRAS, My Careers Future, My Skills Future, the NS Portal and more. The QR code functionality also allows you to verify your identity fast for any other services requiring secure login access.

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Networking: LinkedIn

LinkedIn APP Preview

LinkedIn is the social network of choice for business owners in Singapore. Stay on top of the latest news, trends and conversations happening in your industry, build your network and find business contacts. Tap into your network anytime for referrals or introductions to grow your business and find new employees. The mobile app allows you to message contacts at anytime, and reach out to other companies, influencers, or follow topics of interest.

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HR Management: Swingvy

Swingvy HRMS APP Preview

The Swingvy mobile HR app allows users to access HR information and get HR tasks done on the go from anywhere. The mobile app contains the Swingvy modules for expense claims and leave management, digital timesheets, as well as access to the shared company calendar, employee directory, office information and more.  Push notifications and an in-app inbox allows administrators to track updates and status changes on requests and approvals of leave applications and expense claims submissions.

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Accounting: Xero

Xero APP Preview

The Xero mobile app allows you to choose when and where you do your accounting. You can send invoices as soon as a job is done, stay on top of overdue or unpaid invoices, reconcile transactions with ease and have an instant overview of how your business is doing. View bank account balances, profit and loss, cashflow, bank reconciliation, bills to pay and more, all while on-the-go.

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Communication: Whatsapp Business/Mail Apps

Whatsapp Business APP Preview

In Singapore, it’s common to hold business conversations through WhatsApp Business messenger. For small business owners, this is an especially quick and convenient way of communicating with external vendors such as customer or business contacts. Mail apps for email, such as Gmail for Business, or Outlook are also essential phone apps to stay in the loop with business matters, and for a more formal communication approach.

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Collaboration: Zoom/Slack/Teams

Zoom APP Preview

For internal tea communication, apps such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom are all great for ensuring quick and easy communication and transparency of information. There has been a rise in uptake of these communication apps recently as many businesses embrace remote or flexible work arrangements. Business to business meetings are now also commonly held online, and can be joined through these mobile communication apps from anywhere.

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File Management: Dropbox

Dropbox APP Preview

Access your files from anywhere with the Dropbox mobile app. The free app helps you keep projects moving, access work, collaborate with colleagues and clients, and quickly take care of tasks – all from your phone or tablet. View and share files, comment and make edits directly from your phone, on over 150 different types of files. The mobile app lets you mark files and folders for offline access to make them available even if you lose your Internet connection.

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Project Management: Asana

Asana APP Preview

The Asana mobile app helps you plan your day, and keep up to date on projects and tasks across the business. It’s a great tool to collaborate and communicate with different team members from anywhere, share ideas and updates, and manage your daily or weekly to-do lists. You’ll also keep up to date on the workloads and project status’ of others in the business, giving a great overview of the organization.

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Contracts: DocuSign

DocuSign APP Preview

The DocuSign app will help o accelerate your business, giving you the freedom to send, manage and receive documents from clients and colleagues from anywhere. DocuSign's electronic signatures allows people to sign and return documents on the go, removing the need to print, sign and scan. The status of the document is always available, to see who has signed and where the document currently sits.

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Knowledge: Blinkist

Blinkist APP Preview

With Blinkist, you’ll get the key insights from 4,500+ bestselling non-fiction books and podcasts that cover leadership, history, psychology and more. The app allows you to read or listen to the key points from a range of books and topics in just 15 minutes – great for those short on time who would love to read and learn more. You’ll discover new perspectives, and maybe even find inspiration, with the latest trends and ideas in your professional field.

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