Unlocking SME Success: Top 5 HR Software Systems in Singapore for 2024

Winnie Lu

Oct 3, 2023

In the heart of Singapore, where SMEs form a critical backbone of the economy, having adept HR software is pivotal. Whether you're a burgeoning entity or an established player, aligning your HR tasks with strategic aims is paramount. This captures the essence of expert planning and efficient HR management in Singapore.

While employees remain an organization's cornerstone, roping in the perfect talent – a mix of skills, background, and attitude – is imperative. And here, using the best HR software for SMEs in Singapore can make a world of difference.

Navigating the vast HR software landscape in Singapore, especially the online HR solutions, the journey to pinpoint the most apt HR system for business in Singapore involves:

  • Ascertain your organizational needs.
  • Drafting a feasible budget.
  • Scouring for online HRM software in Singapore within your budget.
  • Organizing a demo for each potential HR software.
  • Analyzing which online HR management software in Singapore aligns with your company’s ethos.
  • Ensuring ease of integration, especially if looking for cloud based HR solutions in Singapore.
  • Understanding the after-sales support of the HR software company.
  • Making an informed decision.

Given the vastness of HR software providers in Singapore, selecting should be based on your company’s size, employee strength, and unique needs.

Selecting should be based on your company’s size, employee strength, and unique needs. (Photo : Fox)

Top 5 HRMS Solution in Singapore for 2024

1. Swingvy

As an HR software for business in Singapore, Swingvy not only offers technologically advanced solutions but also prioritizes the human touch.

Understanding the unique challenges that modern SMEs face, Swingvy crafts a holistic HR experience that combines innovation with simplicity, ensuring businesses can seamlessly manage their talent while fostering a collaborative work environment.


  • Seamless Integration: Fosters synergy with other enterprise systems, eg. Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Xero Accounting Software, Staffany Scheduling and Rostering Software. Especially notable for businesses looking for all in one HR software in Singapore.
  • Automated Payroll Management: CPF, MOM, & IRAS compliant algorithms ensure swift payroll processing, making it an ideal payroll HR software for businesses.
  • Cloud-Based Attendance Tracking: Facilitates real-time monitoring, a notable cloud HR Singapore feature.
  • Employee Self-Service Portal: Offers autonomy, a must-have in hr software for small business.
  • Expanse Claims System: Streamlines the reimbursement process.

Full-suite HR software system for Business in Singapore.
Swingvy is a HR software built for SME in Singapore. (Image / Swingvy)

2. JustLogin

An HR management software solution in Singapore, JustLogin offers tools designed for the modern SME.


  • Unified HR Suite: Integrates multiple HR functions from leave and claims to attendance, a stand-out feature in online HR management software Singapore.
  • Digital Payroll Automation: Provides accurate and timely payroll processing, showcasing itself as a top hr payroll system Singapore choice.
  • Employee Self-Service: Empowers employees to manage their personal HR matters efficiently, a cornerstone for HR software for SMEs.

3. QuickHR

Offering a cloud-based solution, QuickHR caters to various HR needs of SMEs.


  • Real-Time HR Analytics: Delivers actionable insights, which is becoming a must-have in leading HR software Singapore platforms.
  • Comprehensive Payroll Solutions: Ensures compliance with local regulations, making it a preferred payroll hrms choice for SMEs.
  • Integrated Talent Management: From recruitment to retention, this feature proves its worth in HR software vendors Singapore lists.

4. HREasily

Focused on streamlining HR operations, HREasily offers a set of tools suitable for businesses.


  • Efficient Leave Management: Simplifies applications and approvals, a hallmark of top HR management software Singapore tools.
  • Centralized Employee Profiles: Provides a unified view, essential for any all in one HR system Singapore SMEs require.
  • Dynamic Rostering & Shift Management: Allows businesses to manage schedules effectively, a vital component in HR software for SMEs.

5. Talenox

Catering to various HR needs, Talenox presents a range of functionalities.


  • Compliant Payroll Module: Adheres to local tax laws and CPF regulations, showcasing why it's a top hr and payroll system Singapore option.
  • User-friendly Onboarding Tools: Ensures smooth induction processes, aligning with the best practices in HR software companies Singapore standards.
  • Employee Profiles: Centralizes personnel data and employment histories, streamlining HR processes.
Don’t use a HR software with a ton of crap function, it not only waste your time, also waste your money. (Image from :Pexels

Swing into the Future of HRMS with Swingvy!

Swingvy’s cloud-based HR software brings people together, no matter where they are. With a company news feed and shared company calendar, everyone is kept up to date on events, holidays, and company announcements. Company information, an organisation chart, and an employee directory are accessible to your team at any time, along with secure access to personal details, e-payslips, benefits allowance, leave balance, and leave and expense claim requests.

The Swingvy mobile app is free to every user of the Swingvy platform and provides both HR administrators and employees with on-demand access to the platform and HR tasks no matter where they are.

Speak to us to see how Swingvy can change the way you manage your HR processes.

Simplify HR management and payroll processing with Swingvy.

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