Top HR Trends and Priorities in 2023

Katie Ash

Jan 26, 2023

These past years have put HR managers front and center of their organisations, having them involved in some of the most pivotal changes that have ever happened to modern workplace culture. This year will be no different, with a range of topics taking the focus of human resource departments.

Here are the top themes for HR in 2023:

People Matter

2023 is the year of the employee. Their voice in the company is more important than ever, and making sure they feel heard and valued is a focus for organisations.

Especially in remote and hybrid workplaces, giving employees visibility in the organisation, and recognition of their work and contribution helps to create a culture of support, and shows the businesses appreciation for their team.

The employee experience is more important that ever, in all areas from attracting new employees to the business, the onboarding experience, recognition and development, with HR playing a vital role in every area.

Employee Wellness

The wake of the Covid pandemic exacerbated the crisis of employee burnout. Taking a holistic approach to employee wellness helps to build a more resilient workforce.

Implementing policies to encourage work-life balance, improve benefits related to metal health and wellbeing (time-off, insurance, mental health support, social activities), and supporting the financial wellbeing of employees will be a focus for HR professionals in 2023.

Many businesses have implemented ‘mental health days’, providing time off for employees either all at the same time, or added to their current annual leave days. This gives workers time to decompress after busy periods or projects, and refresh their energy levels, preventing work burnout.

Hybrid workplace

Companies continue to embrace hybrid and remote workplace settings, and have started to solidify workplace policies regarding this. It no longer unusual to see job postings for fully remote roles, or job seekers asking for hybrid work arrangements. Over the next year, more and more companies will implement permanent shifts to hybrid working.

This year, HR will focus on ensuring internal policies around remote and hybrid work are solidified and rolled out across the business. Ensuring these policies align with local legislation in the areas of operation is essential, as well as the communication of expectations with staff. Having tools to manage remote teams including collaboration software and cloud based systems helps streamline the employee experience of being out of a traditional office.

Swingvy's cloud-based HRMS platform connects and syncs employee HR data across multiple HR modules, and provides on-demand access to employees and HR administrators no matter where they are.


As economies recover from the effects of the pandemic, employment rates continue to rise. Especially in the tech industry, new talent has been hard to come by. Recruitment is becoming more of a focus, with fifty percent of organisations still expecting the competition for talent to increase significantly in the next six months.

Companies must see that it is more cost effective to invest in and retain top talent, that it is to recruit and train new employees.

A Gartner survey of HR leaders found that 44% believe their organisations do not have compelling career paths for employees.

Investing in employee development, creating internal promotions, and prioritising engagement and inclusion will be top priorities. The Singapore government provides ample support to businesses to help upskill their workers, which can go a long way to supporting these efforts.

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