[Infographic] Collaboration & Communication Tool Ecosystem

Katie Ash

Sep 4, 2020

Effective communication and collaboration form the foundation of successful businesses. With work culture undergoing a radical shift towards remote and flex-work, enabling easy communication across teams is critical.

Swingvy recently hosted a webinar in partnership with DecodeHR. We discussed how businesses could retain an agile mindset and culture in teams who have gone remote. One of the key tips and discussion points was around ensuring your teams are equipped with the right tools to enable effective communication and collaboration.

We’ve put together an ecosystem of tools available for businesses to do just that. From instant messaging software, to document sharing and project management platforms. Here are the tools you need to empower your people.

Download an interactive PDF version here.

Swingvy is a leader in Singapore HR Software, specializing in payroll, leave management, time & attendance, and claims reimbursement. In the past 5 years, Swingvy has helped thousands of companies to improve HR efficiency.

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