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Key Tax Due Dates – Singapore 2022

Katie Ash

Jan 20, 2022

Tax season is coming soon!

Knowing when tax filing dates are due can help to avoid fines or late submission penalties. Stay on track with Singapore's key tax due dates in 2022 with the infographic below.

Swingvy makes the tax period easy.

E-submission of employment income is due on March 1st 2022.

Employers can submit the previous years tax records on behalf of their employees between January 6th and March 1st every year.

It is compulsory for companies with five or more employees to apply for Auto Inclusion Scheme (AIS) under IRAS. For a company that has less than five employees, it is also encouraged to join AIS too for easier tax processing.

Companies enrolled for AIS using Swingvy payroll can submit IRA8 tax (employee income tax) directly through the Swingvy platform.

Tax forms can be created in bulk for all employees, then edited individually if needed. You can then validate forms and submit directly to IRAS within the platform, and download the IRA8 forms for employees.

Learn more about Swingvy payroll, and how it can help your tax period run smoother. >> SWINGVY PAYROL

For Swingvy customers, view the step by step guide to submitting tax files through Swingvy:

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