How Technology Supports Palsgaard's Business Growth

Katie Ash

Jan 8, 2021

Palsgaard is the world’s only full service emulsifier and stabiliser company. They create the hidden ingredients that we as consumers come across in our food products every day. These ingredients give our foods longer shelf life, better consistency, and even better nutritional value.

Swingvy was recently joined by Low Boon Weng, Managing Director of Palsgaard Asia Pacific, to learn about how technology enabled Palsgaard to adapt their business processes in 2020, and ensure continued future growth.

Introducing Palsgaard

Palsgaard was founded by Mr Einar Viggo Schou in 1908 in Denmark, and now belongs to the Schou foundation. Palsgaard has six factories and six application centers globally, and more than 500 employees across seventeen countries.

Palsgaard Asia Pacific in Singapore started in 1999. Their key products are emulsifiers and stabilisers that aid the production of dairy products, breads, and confectionery. Emulsifiers and stabilisers allow processed food to behave in previously impossible ways. Ingredients that would normally be incompatible can be combined harmoniously, enabling exciting new capabilities and functionality.

The production of emulsifiers and emulsifier and stabiliser systems is highly energy-intensive. Palsgaard are dedicated to ensuring sustainability, having set a goal in 2010 to have a worldwide zero-carbon footprint in all our production facilities by 2020. They met this goal two years ahead of schedule. 

“We have a plant in Malaysia, in Johor, and this plant is in fact a zero carbon dioxide emissions plant. We try not only to produce good food ingredients, we are also comply to the regulation and also make sure that we do not damage the environment. Sustainability of the environment is our important factor and criteria for us to set up a plant.”

Looking Back at 2020

Like most businesses, 2020 was a challenging year for Palsgaard Asia Pacific. Some of their food service industry customers were badly affected due to social distancing restrictions and circuit breaker lockdowns. However many customers involved in the retail segment of food production were performing well. As consumers stocked up on processed and longer shelf life foods, sales grew above the previous years in many cases. 

However the greatest challenge, Low Boon Weng stated, was not being able to meet customers face-to-face. Local distributors have been a huge help when reaching out to customers. Without knowing when travel between Singapore and Malaysia will openly resume, he is now looking to invest more in local Palsgaard sales people to be able to reach these customers and support their distributors.

Tech for Growth

Palsgaard Asia Pacific also changed their approach by utilising video calls and online seminars to engage new and existing customers. They’re also using these technologies to support local distributors.

With the installation of live video facilities in their labs, they’re able to remotely show customers a live demonstration of how they produce a product. They support this digital experience by sending a prototype of the product from the lab to the customers, so they can test and provide feedback during the video call.

Boon Weng believes that technology will help Palsgaard drive further in the coming years, making processes even more efficient. He sees a real need to invest in new technologies to continue their ambitious growth plans.

Palsgaard + Swingvy

Palsgaard Asia Pacific utilises the Swingvy people operations platform. Boon Weng believes Swingvy supports their business growth, helping them to save time and money by increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of their processes. 

Palsgaard selected Swingvy because of the great customer support, as well as the ease of use for the team and cost savings from using less HR resources. 

“I think Swingvy is easy to use. As a manager we can approve the claims and leaves of the employees anywhere anytime by using the mobile app. I think it’s very convenient and handy.”

Watch the full interview for more insights into how Palsgaard have adapted their business in the current climate, and how technology continues to support their business growth.

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