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What's it like to work with us in Singapore?

Sam Saunders

Mar 18, 2021

At Swingvy, our mission is to create a workplace where work empowers people. We believe great businesses always put people first.

To share more about what it’s like to be a part of Swingvy, we sat down with Charisse Lee, our Business Development Manager and Partnerships Lead based in Singapore. Charisse joined Swingvy in 2019, having previously worked at OCBC, SGX and Bloomberg.

Why Swingvy?

“After being approached about the role, I saw that Swingvy had great investors including Samsung Ventures which was re-assuring. After meeting Jin (our CEO) and hearing his vision for the company I was really inspired, and felt he was so humble and down to earth.”

What are your highlights of working at Swingvy?

“Swingvy offers a lot of opportunities for you to grow. You're provided with a lot of autonomy over your role so you can really see your impact and the positive results your work is having on the company. It's really motivating when things start to take off. Swingvy challenges you to constantly improve, innovate and think outside of the box.”

What is the toughest part about working at Swingvy?

“I’ve found the toughest part of working at Swingvy is being independent and being proactive. When you’ve come from a more established company with fixed processes, Swingvy is very, very different. A start-up environment requires you to think on your feet and also to constantly think about what else could you be doing.”

“Swingvy’s motto is ‘People Matter’ and that means putting both our customers and employees first.”

How would you describe Swingvy culture?

"Swingvy’s culture is very dynamic, diverse and the company as a whole has a lot of empathy. Team members are always willing to help each other out when things get difficult. Swingvy’s motto is ‘People Matter’ and that means putting both our customers and employees first. After all, people are the driving force of a company’s success.

When COVID-19 reached Singapore, the company took immediate action to allow us to work from home. When the situation improved, we retained the option to continue working from home for our own safety."

If Swingvy was a person, how would you describe them?

"A very compassionate, family focused person with lots of great ideas!


As a Sales Manager, what do you like best about your role?

"At Swingvy, I’m able to strategise and implement new ideas with minimal red tape. Even though I was hired for sales, I’m also able to get involved in lots of other areas of the business. When there are new things constantly opening up for you it helps to keep you going. My role lets me dive deeper into data and numbers, to constantly look at my own performance to drive the team to greater heights."


What excites you most about Swingvy’s future?

"Swingvy is constantly growing and improving our suite of products. It’s exciting to see what the future holds."


What would you tell anyone looking to join Swingvy?

"The culture is very inclusive and team members work really well together. The pace here is really fast which means there’s loads of room to grow quickly if you are willing. If you want to know what the future of work looks like, Swingvy is one of the best start-ups to be a part of. Swingvy is a place where your voice will truly be heard."


To find out more about working at Swingvy or see the current vacancies we’re hiring for, check out our careers page.

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