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See How Technology Partners Help to Support Palsgaard's Growth

Low Boon Weng


Palsgaard are the world’s only full service emulsifier and stabiliser company. They create the hidden ingredients that we as consumers come across in our food products every day, to ensure better consistency, shelf-life, and even better nutritional value.

To overcome challenges presented in the past year, Low Boon Weng, Managing Director of Palsgaard Asia Pacific believes in the need for greater investment in technology.

Technology partners have also proven a great support.

Using Swingvy as their people operations platform has allowed Palsgaard to "save time, [and] save money by increasing the effective and efficient of the processes."

Palsgaard utilise the Swingvy HR software to submit expense claims and apply for leave, and stay up to date with colleagues holidays and birthdays through the shared company calendar.

Boon Weng believes it's a great way for the team to get to know each other better.

As Boon Weng stated, "we selected Swingvy because... it’s easy to use, it saves time and also we use less HR resources. As a manager we can approve the claims and leaves of the employees anywhere anytime by using the mobile app. I think it’s very convenient and handy."

Watch the full story below, for more insights into how Palsgaard have changed the way they run their business over the past year, and how technology is the key to their future growth.

People Operations Platform
Full-suite HR software for payroll, leave management, time, claims and much more.