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How Swingvy Streamlines HR Processes for Special Olympics Asia Pacific

Dipak Natali

Special Olympics Asia Pacific

Special Olympics is an organisation that works with people with intellectual disabilities, providing them with sporting opportunities at a grassroots level, to encourage confidence, expression and a sense of belonging and community. They use Swingvy to help manage their HR operations.

"For an organisation like us, it’s about having an impact on a person with intellectual disabilities. You want to give everything to that. And so knowing that the processes are being managed securely, well, and professionally, it’s really important, and I think Swingvy is allowing us to do that."

Special Olympics Asia Pacific have a core team of staff based in Singapore, and a number of others based in regional offices to allow them to provide wider support, both culturally and geographically across the region. They utilise Swingvy as a central point to connect and bring the team together as a simple platform to manage HR tasks.

Specifically, employee leave management is something that they struggled with for a long time, relying on paper and email processes to keep up to date on staff whereabouts. After using Swingvy's Leave Management module, Dipak Natali noted, "[Leave] has been our primary usage of Swingvy and I have to say it’s been wonderful to see so many less emails and so many less questions about who has what and when they’re going to be out of the office... I feel that we have great awareness across the team now, of everyone’s movements and I think that’s really really important."

Watch the video below for Dipak Natali's thoughts on the Swingvy HR platform:

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