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That Marketing Guy, Will Lee Chose Swingvy as it "Checks all the boxes"

Will Lee

That Marketing Guy

That Marketing Guy is an outsource marketing agency, who strategise, design, and actualise campaigns for clients who want to build brand affinity and engage with their audience in a meaningful way.

The team at That Marketing Guy use Swingvy every day as their all in one HR platform. Will Lee shares his thoughts on the platform, and how it supports their business:


Being a strong believer of technology, we want to be as early adopters was possible. We chose Swingvy because I feel the value that it gives. It’s seamlessness and its user interface.

So, That Marketing Guy uses Swingvy for a mural of things. Most notably expense claims, we know each others birthdays, we have payroll, we were also the first beta testers for insurance, claims, and benefits.

I believe the best thing about Swingvy is that it’s everything, it’s all in one. The team at Swingvy has been really helpful when it comes to onboarding when it comes to answering some of our questions, it’s almost seamless. We almost didn’t need their help but they’re always there.

Swingvy fits the bill and checks all the boxes.


We recently sat down with That Marketing Guy’s Will Lee to learn more about his vision, the business, and his goals and hopes for the future. He shares insights to inspire other small and medium business owners and speaks of the challenges and opportunities he’s experienced on his journey.

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