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Tour Mount Bromo Provides Great Experiences for Customers & Their Employees

Alex Chua

Tour Mount Bromo

Tour Mount Bromo provide their customers with carefully-crafted trips to help explore the best of Indonesia. They believe that the goal of travel is not to see, but to connect with the places you visit.

Each itinerary is carefully handcrafted, taking their customers off the tourist trail to the heart of each destination, allowing them to discover its true essence in a way impossible to do on your own. They offer a simple way to discover activities, attractions and things to do in Indonesia and a fuss-free way to enjoy your vacation with activities and explorations, creating memorable experiences.

Tour Mount Bromo also want to provide their employees with great experiences when it comes to managing day-to-day HR tasks. They use the Swingvy platform to support the HR operations needed across their team of Travel Guides and Tour Planner Specialists.

"The platform is very user friendly and the support staff are great. [The team] has been awesome in helping us get up to speed. Another key point is that it has a mobile app so it is easier to have an overview of the business while on the go. Our HR Manager is 67 years old and she can use Swingvy easily. Totally recommend it.”

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