About us

People are at their best when they are empowered.

Our mission

We believe great businesses always put people first. And our mission has been to create a workplace where work empowers people.
Because people power companies.

Swingvy, people matter.

People are your company. They control everything – your products, your services, and how you separate yourselves from the competition. It’s your people that matter most to the success of your business.

Winning companies put people first. If you focus on recruiting, cultivating, and retaining good people, you’ll see better results. This is the fundamental belief in Swingvy.

We’ve built our company on the profound belief that people are the most important asset of any business. People management is all we focus on — and we’ve refused to do anything else. It’s that important.

And we walk the talk. People matter. It shows in everything we do. In how we run our own business, in our choice to focus exclusively on HR software that help you put your people first. And in the fact that we design our software for exactly those people.

When you partner with Swingvy, you get the unified technology and service experience you need to put your people first. We seamlessly merge people and technology so that HR software you use doesn’t get in the way of the work that you do. We know that no matter how sophisticated our technology is, it’s not the technology that matters. It’s the results of how well we improve the personal work experience for you and your people — the power behind your business. With Swingvy, technology becomes invisible and you simply get the tools you need to let your people thrive.

The moment you are on-board on Swingvy, you’ll get what ‘People matter’ experience is all about.

Swingvy, people matter.