Claims on the go

We believe a great workplace always focus on productivity. Pay, snap and submit. It’s that simple with Swingvy claims. Empower your people by letting them focus on what matters.

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How it works

Submit bulk claims by report

No more annoying claims experience by submitting one by one. Both employer and employees can manage claims delightfully by submitting claims through bulk report.

Custom claim policies

Easy setup for different claim types and policies based on your company policy.

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Approval workflow

Design your approval workflow by multi-level approver setting.

All features

Submission by report

Submit your claims by reports, not one by one.

Claims approval/decline

Approve employees claims anytime, anywhere.

Custom claims policies

Set up different claim types and policies by your company policy.

Comprehensive claims report

Generate claim reports for easy tracking and auditing.

Employee self service

Let employees track their own claims.

Integration with payroll

Sync with Swingvy payroll for seamless payroll process.

Multi-currency support

Just key in the expenses incurred and Swingvy will convert currencies.

Multi-level approver

Design your approval workflow by multi-level approver setting.

Power to the People
Take the first step empowering your employees and business through Swingvy.
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Why people love Swingvy
Save Time

Reduce 80% of paperwork compared to manual HR practices.

Save Cost

Save thousands of $ every year compared to legacy HR software.

Easy to Use

Intuitive and beautiful user interface that all your employees will love.