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Key Grants Available to Small Businesses in Singapore

Katie Ash

Feb 9, 2021
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Over the past year, lockdowns and restrictions have rapidly brought forward timelines on plans to digitise business for many organisations.  

New technologies across industries have been implemented to allow companies to remain in business as well as connected to colleagues and clients from anywhere. The uptake and use of cloud-based technology, e-commerce platforms, and new digital technologies is expanding, and the Singapore government has stepped in to support small to medium sized businesses in going digital. SMEs are an essential foundation of the Singapore economy, employing two thirds of the workforce and contributing nearly half of Singapore’s GDP.

As they rebuild their business models and strategies in a much-changed economy, SMEs need to realise the wealth of support made available to them.
Mr Ronak Shah, Chief Executive Officer, QBE Insurance Singapore

While the uptake and roll-out of digital tools started as a necessity to enable businesses to continue operating, there has been a growing acceptance and appreciation for the benefits of a digitised workplace.

‍The Singapore IMDA launched the SMEs Go Digital programme, promoting the use and update of digital technologies to build stronger digital capabilities. These alongside other existing government grants can make a huge difference to businesses who have been hard hit over the past year.

We've put together an ebook guide to the grants available to SMEs in Singapore, sharing:

  • How much funding the grants provide
  • Who is eligible for each grant
  • What can each grant be used for
  • How SMEs can apply

Download your free copy:

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