Q1 2024 | Product Update

Winnie Lu

Mar 29, 2024
Hey, it's Winnie from Swingvy🙌. I'm excited to fill you in on some of the latest updates we've been rolling out at Swingvy.

If you're already using Swingvy, you definitely won't want to miss out on these updates designed to boost your HR efficiency! And if you haven't had the chance to try Swingvy yet, well, there's no time like the present. I, Winnie (your friendly editor), am personally inviting you to check it out🫶🏼.

(Mar 28, 2024) HR Hub|Two-Factor Authentication

Now admins is able to enhance your company's security by mandating Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for all employees. This added layer of protection ensures that every login attempt is verified through 2FA via email verification, providing an extra safeguard against unauthorized access. (Click here to learn more about how to set up 2FA for your company policy.)

Swingvy Two-Factor Authentication

(Mar 28, 2024) Claims|Rotate the Image When Viewing Claim Report

Another small but thoughtful enhancement! When viewing a claim on web view, you can rotate the image without downloading it.

Swingvy Rotate the Image When Viewing Claim Report

(Mar 21, 2024) Time|Convert Overtime to Leave v1.0 is Now Live

Now you can convert OT to Leave automatically in Swingvy.🎉🎉 
For the workgroups with time tracking enabled, now you can set up compensation type to the following options:

  • Leave
  • Payroll
  • Choose leave or payroll per request

(Learn more about How does overtime compensation work.)

Swingvy convert overtime to leave v1.0

(Feb 29, 2024) Claims | Download PDF file of approved claim reports

Now both employees and admins can directly export approved claim reports as PDF files. This allows you to easily streamline online and offline approval processes through Swingvy's claims module.

Download PDF file of approved claim reports_Swingvy Claims

(Feb 22, 2024) Leave | Allow / Block Leave negative balance

It’s able to allow or block leave requests beyond remaining balance for all leave types. If you toggles off to disable the setting, employees cannot request for leave with insufficient balance. (Learn more about Leave Request Setting)

Allow / Block Leave negative balance_Swingvy Leave

(Feb 01, 2024) Payroll | Configure Payday To the Following Month 

We’ve made a slight enhancement of Payroll module, which allows you to configure the payday more accurately if you pay employees in the following month of payroll period.

Configure Payday To the Following Month_Swingvy Payroll

(Feb 01, 2024) Payroll | Customize Payslip Information to Display 

Now it’s able to customize what information you want to display on payslips, eg. company reg No, OT period and payday.

Customize Payslip Information to Display_Swingvy Payroll

(Jan 26, 2024) Claims | Designate Specific Employees for Particular Claim Types

Customize claim submissions by selecting specific employees or enabling all. Streamline operations and enhance efficiency with tailored control.

Swingvy Claims | Designate Specific Employees for Particular Claim Types

(Jan 17, 2024) Claims | Check Employees’ Annual Balance

Admins can view each employee’s annual balance and the grand total amount as well.

Employees can easily view their annual balance and check their new balance while filing a claim through both the web and mobile.

Swingvy Claims | Check Employees’ Annual Balance

(Jan 02, 2024) Payroll | View Payslip Directly Through Email

Experience Enhanced Security for Payslips! Our latest feature allows admins to send payslip PDFs via email, ensuring the utmost protection and confidentiality. Upgrade your payslip settings today and effortlessly enable your employees to view their payslips directly through email.

Swingvy Payroll | View Payslip Directly Through Email

Streamline HR processes with Swingvy!

Swingvy’s cloud-based HR software brings people together and provides both HR administrators and employees with on-demand access to the platform and HR tasks effortlessly no matter where you are.

Speak to us to see how Swingvy can change the way you manage your HR processes.

Simplify HR management and payroll processing with Swingvy.

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