Q2 2024|Product Updates 🎉

Winnie Lu

May 30, 2024

Have you tried all the new features released in the last quarter? Swingvy product team is working tirelessly in Q2 to design even more user-friendly and time-saving features for you!

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(May 30, 2024)Time x Leave|Convert Overtime to Leave in Just One Click

In the previous quarter, Swingvy introduced the "Overtime for Compensatory Leave v1.0" feature, and the product team is continuously optimizing it based on your feedback. Starting now, admins can convert all overtime hours to compensatory leave with a single click, and they can also keep conversion records, saving more time for everyone's work.

Learn more about how does overtime compensation work?

Time x Leave|Convert Overtime to Leave in Just One Click

(May 30, 2024)Payroll|A Clearer and More Concise Payroll Report

Committed to providing a superior user experience, we have not only upgraded our payroll reports from CSV to Excel with a more user friendly look, but we have also introduced departmental, office-based, and monthly breakdown tables to facilitate effortless payroll cost analysis. These enhancements make the reports more intuitive, significantly reducing your time spent on manually generating reports.

(May 30, 2024)Payroll|A Clearer and More Concise Payroll Report

(May 17, 2024)HR Hub|Sign in with Google SSO

We're excited to introduce a highly convenient and practical feature: Google SSO (Single Sign-On). Whether you're an administrator or an employee, as long as your Google account email address matches the one registered with Swingvy, you can skip the hassle of entering your login credentials and seamlessly access Swingvy using Google SSO.

Click here to learn more about how to Sign in with Google SSO.

Swingvy Sign in with Google SSO

(Apr 26, 2024)HR Hub|Enhanced Profile Permission and More Tailored Access Control

Thanks for your feedback, our product team is excited to introduce some enhancements. Now admins have more tailored ways to support different visibilities for basic information, birthday and leave notifications and additional access to each module. This comprehensive update encompasses several key improvements, including:

  • More tailored ways to support different visibilities for basic information
  • Access to leave/ birthday events are now configurable
  • Some HR hub module features are now available to configure

More Tailored Profile Permission

Previously, employee group permission had a fixed option to view all employees' basic info. Now, employee and custom groups will have four options available for admins to choose from based on their needs:

  • View own information
  • View & edit own information
  • View all employees' information
  • View & edit all employees' information

Access and Notification for Leave/ Birthday Events 

Previously, there was no way to hide employees' birthdays from others or control leave/birthday notifications from the company account level.

  • Admins can configure if the user assigned to the group has visibility to events such as leaves and birthdays 
  • Admins can manage access to company-wide events and notifications for upcoming leaves and birthdays

Additional Module Access

Some HR hub module features are now available to configure on the Module access tab.

  • Admins can remove the access to hide “People” (Directory / Org chart / Others' Profiles) from employees.
  • Admins can give employees access to hire (add) and terminate employees without giving them full admin access.

Check here for step-by-step instructions:

Swingvy Enhanced Profile Permission and More Tailored Access Control

(Apr 11, 2024)HR Hub|Update the Swingvy Access Cutoff Date Standard of Termination / Offboarding Date

Every company and enterprise will encounter the situation of "employee resignation".🥲 In the past, employees would be unable to log into Swingvy starting from 00:00 on their effective resignation date.

However, based on your feedback, we realized that in some cases, there is a need to allow employees to access Swingvy until the "end of the resignation date". Therefore, the product team has made a small enhancement in this regard!

From now on, when you set an employee's resignation date, the employee can still log into Swingvy until 23:59 on that day, allowing the resignation process to proceed more smoothly.

Update the Swingvy access cutoff date standard of Termination / Offboarding date

(Apr 11, 2024)Payroll|Customise the OT Period of Any Payrolls to Be Shown in Payslips

Now payroll admins can customize the overtime calculation cycle for different employees in the first step of the payroll process according to company requirements.

This will allow the overtime period displayed on the payslip to better reflect the actual situation. Also, this new feature will be especially helpful for fulfilling Singapore's MoM requirement since the payment of overtime pay must be made within 14 days after the last day of the salary period. (Learn more about A Comprehensive Guide to Calculate Overtime Pay in Singapore)

Customise the OT Period of Any Payrolls to Be Shown in Payslips

Streamline Management with Swingvy!

Swingvy’s cloud-based HR software brings people together and provides both HR administrators and employees with on-demand access to the platform and HR tasks effortlessly no matter where you are.

Speak to us to see how Swingvy can change the way you manage your HR processes.

Simplify HR management and payroll processing with Swingvy.

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