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Swingvy + Xero Integration : Streamline Payroll to Accounting Processes Effortlessly

Katie Ash

Jun 24, 2021

Swingvy’s HR and payroll software seamlessly connects all HR information — employee data, payroll, claims, leave, attendance and benefits. We’ve recently integrated with Xero accounting software to make it simple for customers to streamline their payroll to accounting process. With this integration, payroll information in Swingvy can be pushed to Xero as a bill in a single click. Learn more about the integration.

Benefits of Xero integration

🔸 Reconcile business financials

Xero’s automatic bank feeds allows you to reconcile your inflows and outflows with your financials.

🔸 Payroll-Accounting-Bank integrations

Payroll and deductions, all in the same place and automatically in sync.

🔸 Productivity & Efficiency

Streamline your payroll data to Xero with one-click and get insights to your business.

🔸 Accessibility

Being on cloud allows real time information and reporting to be accessible anytime anywhere.

Connecting Swingvy payroll software with Xero

Swingvy’s payroll software integration with Xero accounting software is free for all Swingvy payroll software users. The ability to connect to Xero will already be activated in your account. Within the Swingvy payroll software, locate the ‘integrations’ tab under the HR Hub module settings. Click ‘configure integration’ to begin. The Xero permission page will be prompted where you can follow the instructions to login to Xero and grant permission to connect with Swingvy payroll software.

What information is sent from Swingvy payroll software to Xero?

Swingvy payroll software is directly integrated into Xero. By mapping payroll items in Swingvy to 'Chart of Accounts' on your Xero account, payroll reports can be pushed directly into the accounting system from the Swingvy platform, ensuring accurate financial reporting.

Depending on your company practice, you can either map your payroll items by Net Salary or Basic Salary:

  • Net Salary is a common and simpler method. The payroll items populated in payroll items mapping will contain payroll data of Net salary and Statutory items only
  • The basic Salary method is used for a detailed breakdown of all payroll items

How to send a Swingvy payroll software run to Xero

Once you run payroll in Swingvy payroll software you will see a button to ‘push’ the payroll to Xero. It’s just a one click button, but allows you the flexibility to choose which pay runs get sent to the accounting software. Once you have sent your payroll entries to Xero, bills will automatically be created in your Xero account. To view your bills, on Xero, go to Business > Bills to Pay.

Step-by-step guide on how to connect your Swingvy payroll payroll software account to Xero


Looking for simple HR software or payroll software for your business?

Swingvy’s payroll payroll software was built for SMEs looking for payroll software that would simplify payment processing and make payday simple. By integrating payroll directly into Swingvy’s cloud-based HR software, businesses can remove paper processes and keep all of their people data and payroll information in one place. Swingvy’s payroll software is suitable for any small to medium size business with up to 100 employees. For an overview of the Swingvy payroll software, and access to try it for yourself, request a demo.

Request a free demo of Swingvy payroll software.

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