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Multiple Pay Runs with Swingvy Payroll

Katie Ash

Apr 14, 2022

Swingvy’s Payroll module just got better!

Now users can use the payroll platform to run a diverse combination of payroll scenarios. Swingvy is now set up to run one Monthly payroll, one Mid-month payroll, and multiple Ad hoc payrolls. Users have the flexibility to choose how and when they process payments for their team!

Make Multiple Ad Hoc Pay Runs

That’s right – run payroll as many times as you need! Swingvy allows users to run multiple ad hoc payrolls within a month, on top of Monthly or any Mid-month payroll. Ad hoc pay runs are also completely editable, including the employee’s basic salary, additions and deductions.

This makes it easy to process payroll for employees leaving the company Mid-month while remaining compliant with local legislation requiring an employee to be paid within seven days of leaving the company.

Keep Compliant with Statutory Payments and CPF

The amount of statutory contributions and CPF payments will be automatically calculated in each Ad hoc payroll, based on the amount being paid out. All paid contributions from Ad hoc pay runs will be consolidated into Monthly payroll, so the full monthly contributions are recalculated and adjusted based on total pay. 

Never Overpay Your Team

In an Ad hoc payroll, you will be able to enter amounts up to the employee’s basic salary, ensuring you never overpay. 

Deliver Ad hoc Payroll Payslips

Payslips are available for every Ad hoc payroll and will include the pay period on the payslip. These can be sent via email and downloaded by employees from the platform or Swingvy’s free mobile app.

Learn more about Swingvy Payroll or request a demo to see how Swingvy can support your business with our Multiple Pay Runs feature.

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