On-Demand Webinar: Phase 2 – How do employers prepare and manage reopening offices?

Jun 12, 2020

Every part of office life is being re-examined in the era of Covid-19. Very soon employees will return back to workplaces once we enter to phase 2 of Circuit Breaker – wearing masks – with a new change of work schedules and processes. How do we ease our employees into these new changes? National Development Minister, Lawrence Wong, has told the public to embrace this new change of work environment and daily operations, and the change is permanent.

In order to be ready for reopening, employers need to develop their own plans for returning employees to the workplace.

Join Charisse Lee, Swingvy’s Business Development Manager as she discusses the following topics relevant to employers in Singapore as we all prepare to enter into the “new normal” of work:

  • General considerations for re-opening business
  • General health and safety precautions
  • Specific precautions for the re-opening of offices
  • Adopt cloud solution and digital methods – manage employees’ leave, claims on the go
  • Welfare and well-being of employees – ensuring they are adequately covered

Download presentation slides.

Watch on-demand:

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